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Manage all your Android data from your computer with AnyTrans for Android [Sponsored Post]

An ongoing difficulty for Android users is moving data to and from their phone to their laptop and desktop computers, especially if you don't want to be sending yourself emails, moving files into cloud accounts, and so on just to transfer between two devices that aren't even very far away from each other. Thankfully, AnyTrans makes wireless data transfers like this very easy in addition to a number of other unique features. Plus, they're offering an exclusive discount for Android Police readers.

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ZeroLemon introduces Samsung Galaxy S10 and S10+ models of its industry-leading battery cases [Sponsored Post]

If you know anything about battery cases, you know ZeroLemon, one of the category's top-selling and top-rated companies. It always make high-capacity battery cases for the latest flagships, so it was only a matter of time before ZeroLemon unveiled its battery case solutions for Samsung's latest and greatest, the S10 and S10+.

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Optoma's NuForce BE Sport4 wireless headphones deliver audiophile quality sound no matter how hard you work [Sponsored Post]

When you use headphones during serious exercise, the details can really matter. Your feet pounding the pavement can jar the buds loose in a way that just doesn't happen when you're relaxing in a coffee shop. If you want some wireless headphones that are extensively customizable to fit when the going gets tough, can last 10 hours on a single charge, and deliver audiophile-quality sound at the same time, then Optoma's NuForce BE Sport4 is for you.

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Edge Action turns the edge of your screen into the most useful part of your phone [Sponsored Post]

The main downside to the ever-growing screens of our smartphones is that their size can make them hard to operate, especially one-handed. Thankfully, when you have hardware innovation you also get software innovation. Edge Action is an app that puts a launcher along the edge of your screen, making it easy to use your phone with one hand.

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Use extra phone numbers in the short- and long-term with Keepsafe Unlisted [Sponsored Post]

If you give your phone number to the wrong person, your life can start getting very difficult. It might be a Craigslist buyer/seller, a potential date, or a business client, but no matter which it is they may start using or distributing your number in ways you never wanted. That's why you should check out Keepsafe Unlisted, a service that lets you set up extra phone numbers for whenever you want to separate yourself from your primary phone number.

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Stellio is a powerful music player with lossless support and incredible themes [Sponsored Post]

If you like apps that have a distinctive aesthetic — and a good one — but are loaded with features under the hood, then Stellio Player is right up your alley. Stellio is a music player that is highly customizable, great looking, and has sophisticated playback and library management capabilities.

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Already decided on the Galaxy Note 9? Spigen has you covered [Sponsored Post]

After months of anticipation and leaks, the new Samsung Galaxy Note 9 has finally been announced. Samsung has unveiled the new S Pen, feature-packed with Bluetooth enabled functions for music and a remote camera shutter. For superfans and early adopters of the Note series patiently waiting to pre-order the Note 9, plan beforehand to protect your device. With whatever kind of protection you prefer, Spigen (as always) is ready to protect the powerful new flagship phone from day one.  

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CooTek releases TouchPal Pro, a keyboard app with a built-in AI assistant named Talia

Chances are that it's been awhile since you last looked into changing keyboards. There's no doubt that the entire Android ecosystem has taken big steps forward in the past few years when it comes to things like suggesting correct spellings for words as you type. TouchPal Keyboard Pro, however, can do much more for you than just fix your mistakes.

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Keepsafe VPN is an easy way to maintain your privacy from your Android device [Sponsored Post]

Using a VPN service is among the best ways for maintaining privacy online with the added benefit of dodging geo-restrictions that many websites and ISPs impose. Unfortunately, your VPN options for phones and tablets tend to be anything but user-friendly. With Keepsafe, you can use a VPN on Android with easy setup, fast speeds, and automatic connections so you don't have to remember anything to be protected.

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Optoma's NuForce BE Free8 truly wireless headphones have audiophile sound quality, sweat resistance, and much more [Sponsored Post]

There are a few reasons you might be hesitant to buy wireless headphones. You might be worried that they have poor battery life, lower audio quality, or could drop the connection. Those concerns might be justified for a bargain basement set of headphones by some company you've never heard of, but Optoma's NuForce BE Free8 headphones give you all the obvious benefits of truly wireless headphones without the drawbacks.

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