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Google says Galaxy Z Flip's split-screen mode will be available to other OEMs

Yesterday, Samsung launched its second foldable, the Galaxy Z Flip, which could shape up to be a more than worthy competitor to the Motorola Razr. In cooperation with Google, the company has added a nifty split-screen feature to the phone that divides apps' interfaces into top and bottom halves when you fold it into a laptop-esque "flex mode." This innovation turns things like Duo video calls into hands-free operations with quick access to the mute option, the end call button, and the camera switcher. Now Google has shared with The Verge that future foldables from other manufacturers will be able to implement this mode, too.

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You can enable split-screen multitasking on Nvidia Shield TV using a Bluetooth keyboard

An enterprising GeForce Forums user has stumbled upon a way of enabling split-screen multitasking on everybody's favorite Android TV box, the Nvidia Shield TV. It's not entirely practical, but if you've got a keyboard you can connect to the device, you can run two apps side by side on your television.

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Samsung Good Lock 2018 gets new MultiStar module for improved split-screen multitasking [APK Download]

To the delight of many, Samsung resurrected its Good Lock customization app this summer. Stephen took an in-depth look at what could be done with it, and he liked what he saw. It's essentially a directory of other apps (or modules) that can be downloaded from Galaxy Apps and used to personalize your Samsung mobile experience.

Examples of the various modules include LockStar for altering your lockscreen and QuickStar for editing your quick settings, plus you can also get a bit more fancy with Edge Touch and Edge Lighting. The latest addition to the list is MultiStar, which is designed to enhance the multitasking functionality on your Samsung device.

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Kindle app adds split-screen support, improved notifications coming soon


Android P DP2 has a redesigned interface for triggering split screen apps

Split screen/multi-window apps were introduced back with Android 7.0 Nougat, and based on a poll we recently ran, the majority of our readers use it either infrequently or not at all. Nonetheless, it seems that with the recent changes to the multitasking UI in Android P DP2, the forgotten feature has received a bit of love from Google.

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Chromebook split-screening for Android apps now available in Canary channel

Google recently added split-screen snapping to Chrome OS so you could easily put two windows or web apps side-by-side. This was a welcome improvement, particularly on convertible machines with a tablet mode. Unfortunately, it didn't apply to Android apps before, but that functionality has now been added to the Chrome OS Canary channel.

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Weekend poll: How often do you use apps in Android multi-window mode?

Multi-window apps are a part of the mainstream Android experience now. Some OEMs like Samsung introduced the feature a bit earlier via their own implementations, but now anyone with a device running Nougat/7.0 can take advantage of it and enjoy the convenience of two apps at once. For certain workflows it can save a ton of time, especially if you have enough space to really take advantage of it, but how often do you actually use it?

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[Update: Now in Dev channel as flag] Google adds split-screen snapping to Chrome OS tablet mode

Over the past year or two, we've seen a rise of 2-in-1 Chromebooks like the ASUS Flip lineup and Samsung's Chromebook Plus/Pro. But using Chrome OS in tablet mode is still rough around the edges. Now Google is trying to change that, with the introduction of split-screen windows in tablet mode.

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Instagram's new 'Go Live with a Friend' feature adds split-screen livestreaming with two users

Instagram's had live video since December 2016. But back in August, Instagram revealed that it would be adding the ability for users to invite a friend to their livestreams "in the coming months." Well, it's been a few months, and the company has delivered on its promise. 'Go Live with a Friend' is out now with version 20 of the Instagram app.

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Split-Screen Creator makes a shortcut to instantly launch two apps in multi-window mode

When David wrote his first impressions of the Note8, he mentioned one feature of the Apps Edge that lets you create a shortcut to immediately launch two apps in split-screen. And that got me jealous. See, I don't use multi-window on my phone all that often, but on my tablet, it's a different story. I'm often editing Android Police's posts, which requires Chrome and a Google Docs file to be open at the same time so I can take notes. But I have to manually open these and set them up each time. A shortcut would be a welcome simplification of that process.

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