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4 of our favorite tech sales, discounts, and deals this week: Jaybird earbuds, Sphero Spider-Man, Nest hardware, and more

The full force of summer has landed and it is hot out — maybe too hot. Too hot to play, too hot to think, and certainly too hot for paying full price on your favorite tech hardware and accessories. This past week we've seen some tempting deals cross our path, and while a few have already come and gone, we're taking the opportunity this weekend to remind you about some of our favorite offers that just happen to still be available.

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[Deal Alert] Sphero Spider-Man down to $35 ($115 off) at Best Buy

Sphero is known for creating clever, oddball electronic toys, and this Spider-Man one is no different. Unfortunately for Sphero, these toys tend to be discounted quite severely after a few months on the market; for instance, the $300 Ultimate Lightning McQueen can now be had for $119 on Amazon. In a similar manner, this Spider-Man toy has dropped from $149.99 to just $34.99 at Best Buy.

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Sphero is about to release an app-enabled Spider-Man toy

Sphero got itself recognized for making neat little toys that roll around. However, its next product doesn't move. It's an app-enabled Spider-Man toy with LCD eyes, speech recognition, and games in the companion app. We don't have all the details on this device yet, but retailer John Lewis accidentally pushed the product page live too soon, and Sphero published its app. That's good enough for a basic overview.

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The New Cel-Shaded 'Spider-Man Unlimited' Endless Runner May Be A Gameloft Game, But Boy Is It Pretty

I hear you already. This is a Gameloft game. Stop giving them press. Stop talking about them. Ignore them, and maybe, just maybe, they'll go away. Well, that's simply not the case. The company's games attract downloads like photos with inaccurate quotes.

But somewhere along the way, Gameloft learned how to make really pretty games. Its latest title, Spider-Man Unlimited, really is a visual treat. The company's previous Spider-Man efforts took the realistic approach, but this time around, it's going out on a limb with a cel-shaded superhero instead.

2014-09-11 10.50.10 2014-09-11 10.51.06 2014-09-11 10.51.21

This endless runner isn't going to do anything gameplay-wise to blow you away.

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HomeTube From Chris Lacy Is A Kid-Friendly YouTube Player With Customizable Content Settings

YouTube is a somewhat respectable internet destination, but that doesn't mean you want to turn a kid loose on it. HomeTube is the newest app from Chris Lacy, and it aims to make it easier for kids to watch the YouTube vids you deem appropriate. You can even give it a shot for free.

11 22 33

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Gameloft's Black Friday Sale Offers Several Games For $0.99 Including Spider-Man, Gangstar Rio, And Backstab

Were you hoping to score some sweet new games this holiday season? Gameloft's got you covered. For its Black Friday sale, the developer will be offering several of its wares for just $0.99. Among the titles in the promotion are The Amazing Spider-Man, Gangstar Rio: City Of Saints, Backstab, and The Adventures Of TinTin.

spiderman1 backstab1 gangstar1

If you happen to have a Kindle Fire of some kind, you can still get in on the action via the Amazon Appstore with Kindle Tablet editions of Backstab HD, The Amazing Spider-Man, and N.O.V.A. 3. These deals will be going on all weekend, so you've got a bit of time to do your usual shopping first, then grab a few games for any phones/tablets you may be gifting this holiday season.

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The Amazing Spider-Man From Gameloft Lands In The Play Store, Lets You Swing From Rooftops For $7

If Tobey Maguire just didn't do it for you as Spider-Man and you'd much rather swing around ridding the world of evil as Eduardo Saverin, then Gameloft's rendition on the new Spider-Man is sure to fit the bill perfectly.

The game is exactly what you expect from a Spidey-game: you fight the bad guys, rid NYC of injustice, blah blah blah. For $7, you'll get over 25 missions in five distinct districts of NYC, free rein across Manhattan, immersive 3D environments, boss battles, and a versatile fighting system with melee, ranged, and combo attacks.

1 2 3

4 5 6

Top right: Spider-Man and the Lizard share a warm embrace; bottom left: You get to set people on fire with the flame of injustice.

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