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Sphero announces R2-D2 and BB-9E remote control droids

Sphero's BB-8 remote control toy was a massive hit when it was released in 2015, partially because it was a great product, but also because the hype machine for The Force Awakens was at full speed. Now that another main series Star Wars film is on the way, it only makes sense that Disney would again partner with Sphero. Except this time, there are two of them.

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Ultimate Lightning McQueen by Sphero review: Not nearly enough ka-chow for $300

The original Cars movie came out in March 2006. That may not seem like all that long ago to some of you, but keep this in mind: it wasn't until September 2008 that the first-ever Android phone, the HTC Dream, made its consumer debut. Back in '06, I was just a kid who was much more interested in toy cars than technology. You can imagine, then, how excited I was to see a Pixar movie with animated talking cars.

It's been eleven years since then, and I now spend my time on actual cars far more than little models of them.

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Sphero is about to release an app-enabled Spider-Man toy

Sphero got itself recognized for making neat little toys that roll around. However, its next product doesn't move. It's an app-enabled Spider-Man toy with LCD eyes, speech recognition, and games in the companion app. We don't have all the details on this device yet, but retailer John Lewis accidentally pushed the product page live too soon, and Sphero published its app. That's good enough for a basic overview.

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Sphero's new toy is an interactive $300 Lightning McQueen RC car that is actually pretty awesome

Sphero is perhaps best-known for creating the Sphero ball and the Ollie, but the company's latest product is just a bit more complex. Of course, RC cars are nothing new, but this new Lightning McQueen model packs a ton of technology into a compact, friendly-looking package. In fact, there's so much tech inside that the $299.99 price tag kind of makes sense.

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[Deal Alert] Get the Sphero remote-controlled BB-8 with Force Band for $122 ($78 off) on Amazon

What's better than a remote control BB-8 toy, you ask? A remote control BB-8 toy on sale. Perhaps a day early for May the 4th (as in "May the Force be with you"), Sphero has discounted the popular toy to just $122 on Amazon.

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[Update: $80 refurb, $120 with Force Band] Deal Alert: Grab the Sphero Star Wars BB-8 for $88.81 on Amazon ($150 MSRP)

I don't have kids, I've never seen Star Wars (I keep saying I'll watch them to rectify my nerd cred score, but two full-time jobs, a new apartment, and wedding preparations sorta leave me with no free time), and yet I still want this Sphero Star Wars BB-8 robot. I mean it's cute, it's a robot, it does things, and it does them with Android. What's not to like?

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[Deal Alert] Get the Sphero Ollie robot at Best Buy for $50 ($50 off)

We are less than a week out from Christmas, so you procrastinators better get going on gift shopping. Luckily, Best Buy has you covered for the tech geek on your list. The electronics retailer is offering the Sphero Ollie robot for $49.99. which is a nice $50 savings.

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[Deal Alert] Get the Sphero BB-8 and Force Band bundle for $140 on Amazon just in time for Rogue One ($60 off)

It's finally Star Wars day! I hope to be seeing Rogue One in the next few days, but until then, Amazon has a good deal for people like me. The Sphero BB-8 remote controlled droid with the Force Band bundle is $140 on Amazon, a respectable savings of $60.

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[Deal Alert] Sphero BB-8 remote controlled droid is $100 ($30 off)

To say that Disney is milking their acquisition of the Star Wars franchise would be an understatement. With Rogue One just a few weeks away, anything Star Wars is going to be popular in sales. Sphero's BB-8 remote controlled droid has been a fan favorite since its release and now it's on sale for $100, saving you $30.

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Sphero's Star Wars Force Band lets you control BB-8 using motion gestures

The Force Awakens is approaching a year old, but by Star Wars standards, the merchandising is only just beginning. A particularly new offering is the Star Wars Force Band, which lets you control Sphero's tiny BB-8 droid that has been rolling around since the film hit theaters. But instead of doing so using an on-screen interface, you use the Force.

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