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Speedtest now has a VPN in its mobile apps, because why not?

At this point, there are more VPN services than anyone can reasonably keep track of, all offering roughly the same features — with varying levels of security, anyway. In case you really needed another option, has now added a VPN function to its Android and iOS apps.

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Verizon 5G spanks Sprint's in new performance report

We're in the early days of 5G in the US with carriers like Verizon scrambling to deploy millimeter wave and Sprint focusing on mid-band networks. Carriers are talking up the blazing speed of 5G, but how fast are we talking here? Speedtest has measured 5G performance in Verizon and Sprint markets to get a better idea, and unsurprisingly, Verizon's 5G is much, much faster.

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The new Speedtest Live tool tracks data usage by individual apps

The Speedtest app from Ookla has long been able to tell you how fast your internet connection is, but now it can tell you how fast individual apps are. The feature is called Speedtest Live, and it's available in the latest version of the Speedtest app. Be warned; there are some potential privacy concerns.

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Ookla Speedtest adds 1 Gb option for accurately measuring 5G connections

5G is in the earliest stages of rolling out to consumers unless you ask AT&T, anyway. If raw numbers can't give you an idea about how fast your internet connection is, the Android app for can now adjust the dial graphic for gigabit speeds.

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New Ookla and OpenSignal reports agree that T-Mobile has the fastest LTE with Verizon close behind

The big four US carriers (possibly soon to be the big three) are always arguing about who has the best network, but that's usually just marketing spin. Numbers don't lie, though, and both Ookla (owner of Speedtest) and OpenSignal have new reports that point to T-Mobile as the fastest, but Verizon is right on its tail.

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[Update: New options too] Speedtest v4.0 rolls out with brand new app design

Speedtest is the app we turn to when we either want to brag about our awesome new fiber super-mega-ultra fast connection or we want to make sure our connection is being really crappy and not our devices behaving badly. The app has looked pretty much the same for as long as I've known it, but it is getting a much needed revamp now in version 4.

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Speedtest reaches 100 million downloads on the Play Store

The procession of apps reaching 100 million downloads on the Play Store continues, and the latest to join the club is the famous Speedtest by Ookla. If you've never heard of it before, then you probably never had to test the speed of your data or WiFi connection to brag in front of friends or to complain to your ISP.

Speedtest does its job and does it well. I don't keep it installed on my devices, but I always rush to grab it when something feels iffy about my connection, whether it's uncharacteristically fast (yeah, that dream happened once or twice) or much much slower than usual.

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Ookla Updates The App To 3.0 With A New UI, Maps, Proper Tablet Scaling, And An Ad-Free Option

Earlier this week Ookla teased their revised and updated app for Android, and now it's live in the Play Store for anyone to download. The go-to network test for end users and reviewers alike has been completely redesigned, with a new interface, new options, and the ability to remove the advertising with a $.99 in-app purchase. That's a nice perk for frequent users.

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The old interface wasn't exactly awful, but it had been going for several years without any sort of refresh. In addition to the new visuals you can also view your results on a map, which should help you get a good idea of the high and low spots for your networks.

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Ookla Teases Speedtest 3.0 For Android, Should Hit Google Play 'This Week'

When it comes to testing your network speed, Ookla's Speedtest app is the unmatched champion. But it hasn't seen a substantial update in a very long time, and it doesn't even scale properly on some devices (*cough* Nexus 4 *cough*). Looks like the company has been working on a new version of the app for a while now, which it just teased on Twitter.


As you can see, it keeps the same familiar gauge for testing, as well as the same overall layout, but it looks substantially more appealing. And since it's running on the Nexus 4 here, device compatibility should be much better with version 3.0.

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[Updated] First Alleged Sprint LTE Speed Tests Surface - Yeah, It's Pretty Fast (At Least For Now)

As we already know, Sprint is going to roll out its next generation 4G LTE network in four U.S. cities somewhere around mid-2012, and it would only make sense that they already have some of the towers undergoing testing. The first of such alleged tests surfaced online today:

While I can't promise you it's 100% legitimate, here's my analysis:

  • The device used is more than likely a dedicated LTE hotspot and not a handset (like the LTE Galaxy Nexus). If you remember, such was the case with Verizon's LTE network, and it's easy to understand why - building a complicated phone with a new chip and having it available for testers this early would be a lot harder than a dedicated device with only one job - being a hotspot.
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