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Amazon may save the Sprint/T-Mobile merger by buying their MVNO and spectrum

The $26 billion Sprint and T-Mobile merger has been through a regulatory rollercoaster in the past several months. The pair had thought they could push through the transaction while preserving all of their spectrum and wireless service brands — but even with favorable political conditions, this didn't prove to be the case. This past week, we learned that the two have promised the FCC that they would sell prepaid carrier Boost Mobile and that the Department of Justice would require the two to divest enough spectrum to create a tenable "fourth carrier" replacement. Now, according to Reuters, Amazon has come into the dealer's circle with its offers.

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HTC Teases A Big One M9 Announcement In The US This Wednesday, Possibly T-Mobile-Related

The HTC One M9 is probably the less exciting of the two flagship announcements we got at MWC, but HTC's US president Jason Mackenzie says you're going to love what they announce on Wednesday March 18th. That's the same day T-Mobile plans to have an event in New York with the slogan "This one's a real piece of work." Related? Maybe.

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The LG D821 Is A G2 Variant And Not A New Nexus Phone, According To @evleaks - D820 Is Still Fair Game

We've all had a great deal of fun over the past few days speculating if an LG phone that appeared alongside a Nexus 4 in Google's video for the new Android 4.4 statue was a leak of this year's upcoming Nexus handset. Some folks at S4GRU stirred up even more excitement when they paired the device with an FCC filing for the LG D820. Now, according to @evleaks, the alluring LG D820/821 isn't actually a new Nexus phone - it's just a CDMA-compatible variation of the G2.

He followed this tweet up with a leaked picture of of the LG D821.

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Did Google Just Show The New Nexus Phone In The KitKat Statue Video? [Update: Video Pulled, More Pics]

Update: Google pulled the video just a few minutes after the news broke. This makes it seem more likely the device in question is a Nexus. Also, a few more screens from the video have surfaced.

Google posted the video of its new KitKat statue being planted on the lawn earlier today, but that's nothing unusual. What was incredibly unusual was the device one of the assembled Googlers was using to snap pictures of the event. At the 0:38 mark, you can see this fellow holding up a phone sideways, and it has a sideways Nexus logo. It looks exactly like the Nexus 7's new logo, but it's way too small to be the N7.

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[APK Teardown] Google+ 3.5.3 - An "Apps" Main Menu Icon? A "Manage Apps" Settings Section? What Is Going On Here?

In the recent weeks, Google+ has had 2 pretty low-profile updates. The first one added a notification tray, and the most recent one was supposedly just a bug fix release, but they've both been adding new things, presumably for a coming update. Yes, it's teardown time.

These teardown sessions seems to get more and more mysterious and strange as time goes on, and frankly I'm really not sure what's going on with these updates. I'm just going to lay out the facts first, and I'll throw some theories at you at the end. So put on your investigation hats - this should be fun.

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Shameless Speculation: What In The Heck Are T-Mobile And Google Going To Announce On Wednesday? We Have A Guess Or Two

It seems that invitees to Google's big not-yet-officially-about-Google-Music-event have just received a second invitation - to the after party. Oh, and Maroon 5, Busta Rhymes, Dirty South, R3hab, and Drake will all be in attendance - and so will we.  We'll be watching the earlier event via livestream along with most everyone else (space is apparently very limited), but Android Police will present for the post-event-event Wednesday night, below. We're excited.


But as awesome as the event's headliners are, we're still more interested in what it is Google and T-Mobile are launching that warrants such a high-profile promotion.

Now, we don't have any inside information regarding what's going to be going down on Wednesday in Los Angeles, but I think I might have a pretty good idea - so, humor me for a minute.

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