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[Deal Alert] Refurbished Amazon Fire HD 6 8GB w/Special Offers just $30 at Woot today

If you are sad with the current state of Android tablets, perhaps you need something cheap to tide you over while you wait? Today you can pick up refurb Amazon Fire HD 6 Tablets over on Woot with 8GB of storage and Special Offers, all for the low price of $30. With a little elbow grease, you can even toss Google Play on it and enjoy a slightly dated Android experience while we all collectively cry over what could have been.

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Users Will Be Able To Opt Out Of Kindle Fire/HD Ads For A One-Time Fee Of $15

When the new Kindle Fire and HD models were announced three days ago, the tech world was abuzz with the fact that Amazon has laced them with "Special Offers" in order to keep the cost down. Immediately, one question came to everyone's mind: will I be able to remove the ads?

Initially, there was some confusion on the answer to that questions. We actually heard reports from both sides of the fence - some said "yes, the ads will be removable," while others stated that they were there to stay.

The subject quickly became a bit of a hot topic, so Ars Technica decided to reach out to Amazon for a definitive answer: will users be able to opt-out of Special Offers?

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