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Samsung announces Galaxy Note10+ Star Wars Edition with Galaxy Buds and a red S Pen (Update: Pre-order)

The third and last installment of the latest Star Wars trilogy, The Rise of Skywalker, is slated to hit cinemas on December 20, and the hype is growing. Samsung and Disney (Lucasfilm, to be specific) have already announced that they're working on campaigns together, and today, the Korean company seems to have decided to join the dark side of the force: It introduced a Galaxy Note10+ Special Edition dedicated to Kylo Ren, coming with a unique lightsaber-red S Pen and a bunch of extras in the box.

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Anyone want to spend $8,200 on a gaudy, non-existent Game of Thrones-themed Samsung Galaxy Fold?

What do you get when you mix a popular TV show, a coveted smartphone from a popular brand (that isn't Huawei), and a customization company that wants to bank on both? A special Samsung Galaxy Fold, Game of Thrones edition, that you could pre-order now, for the lowly sum of $8,200. There are supposedly only seven of these, so if you absolutely must have one, you better start looking for Benjamin Franklins under the sofa cushions and making sure you have the full price ready for your pre-order.

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[Update: Now available] Lava Red OnePlus 5T to go on sale on January 20th

The Lava Red OnePlus 5T first debuted in November of last year. To the chagrin of many fans, it turned out to be exclusively for the Chinese market, but that will soon cease to be the case. This especially bright OnePlus 5T is headed to India, and enthusiasts there will be able to buy one starting January 20th.

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Galaxy Note8 Olympic Games Limited Edition comes with a white back, gold accents, and themed wallpapers

You might recall that Samsung produced an Olympic Games Limited Edition of the Galaxy S7 edge that was distributed to every Olympian competing (well, except for the North Koreans). The South Korean manufacturer is doing the same thing for the 2018 Winter Olympics in its home country with some very eye-catching Galaxy Note8s.

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Samsung and TUMI launch the Gear S3 Frontier TUMI Special Edition

When discussing smartwatches, most of us agree that Samsung's Gear S3 is one of the best. It's my personal favorite and I think that Sammy did a great job with it. However, as seems to be the trend these days, the Korean company has paired up with TUMI, a "travel lifestyle brand," to bring us a special version of the Gear S3 Frontier. Thanks!

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The limited OnePlus 3T Midnight Black edition sports a matte black aluminum body, shipping March 24th

Do you enjoy the simplicity and capability of the latest OnePlus flagship phone, but wish it were quite a bit more black, like that $10,000 performance upgrade to an economy sedan? Well your highly specific dreams have now come true, weird person. OnePlus announced the Midnight Black edition of the 3T today, sporting a swanky matte black coating on its aluminum body. The special edition uses the higher-end version of the phone's specs with 128GB of storage, but has the same $479 / EUR479 / GBP439 price as the current upgraded model.

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Samsung announces a limited edition Olympics version of the Galaxy S7 Edge

The Olympic Games in Rio are shaping up to be incredibly entertaining, in the same sense that one watches a kindergarten play to see how long it takes the kid in the bunny costume to wet himself and run away. But for those of you who still believe in the spirit and the majesty of the Olympic Games (you, in the back, stop that chuckling), Samsung has produced a limited edition of its flagship device with an official license. This time it's the Galaxy S7 Edge in black, with gold, blue, green, red, and white trim to match the colors of the Olympic rings.

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The Special Edition Gold Nexus 6P Is Confirmed To Be A Japan Exclusive

Gold phones are a thing these days, but you won't be able to get Google's latest flagship in gold unless you happen to be in Japan. Odds are that you aren't, so that's a bummer. The gold version of the Nexus 6P is a special edition, and it will only be sold via the Japanese Google Store.

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Brazil Gets A Special Edition Of The ASUS Zenfone 2 With A Massive 256GB Storage And A Unique Back

64GB? Kid's stuff. 128GB? Paltry. Real smartphone spec-hounds will settle for nothing less than 256GB of local onboard storage (which, incidentally, is more than many laptops these days). At least they'd settle for nothing less if any of those phones were actually available. There will be one soon, in at least one location: the ASUS Zenfone 2 Deluxe Special Edition. It's coming to Brazil sometime in the future for an unspecified price, though "quite a lot" would be a safe bet. The model was shown off on the official ASUS Brazil blog.

The Zenfone 2 Deluxe Special Edition is identical to the high-end version of the original Zenfone 2, with 4GB of RAM and a faster Atom Z3580 processor, with the obvious exception of the greater storage capacity.

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Samsung Announces The Galaxy S6 Edge Iron Man Edition For South Korea, China, And Hong Kong

What kind of cell phone would Iron Man use? Well, depending on which movie or commercial you watch, it's either an LG (the original movie), an HTC (based on Robert Downey Jr.'s nonsensical brand representation), or an impossible transparent super-sci-fi gadget phone (Iron Man 2). But the ultimate fan of Marvel's movies would definitely use the Galaxy S6 Edge Iron Man Edition, with a unique gold-on-red color scheme to match the suit. And just in case people don't get the hint, it's also got a huge Iron Man helmet decal on the back and a custom Avengers software theme.

Samsung has made the Iron Man Edition official, with a release in the company's home turf of South Korea planned for tomorrow, May 27th, and China and Hong Kong releases next month.

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