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Win one of 7 eMeet Luna conference speakerphones (Update: Winners)

Even though the COVID-19 quarantine has sent most office employees home for the foreseeable future, daily operations haven't slowed down for many professional industries. With so many office workers now conquering tasks remotely, video and conference calls have become a normal part of daily life. To help you engage with your colleagues' calls in pristine clarity, TikTech is giving away seven eMeet Luna conference speakerphones to our readers.

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[Update: Winners] We're giving away three eMeet M2 Bluetooth speakerphones, plus 15% off coupons for everyone else (NA/EU only)

Are you still using the speaker on your phone to make calls, like an animal? No one wants to be on a call with someone who sounds like they're in a tunnel. Lucky for you, we've partnered with eMeet to give away not one, not two, but three of their M2 Bluetooth wireless speakerphones. If you want to buy one outright, we also have an exclusive coupon code that will take 15% off the normal price.

This contest is now over.

The final results are listed below. If you've won, you will be contacted in the near future. Congratulations!

Everyone else - keep participating and stay tuned to Android Police so that you don't miss our upcoming giveaway announcements.

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The JBL Smartbase is a souped-up phone dock for cars, complete with Google Now integration

At the moment there are two approaches to staying connected to your digital world while driving: a dedicated vehicle system with a permanent screen, or a phone in a car dock. (Or you could just be a dangerous jerk and use your phone in your hands while you're driving, I suppose.) JBL would like to offer a more elegant alternative: the Smartbase. This gadget combines a phone dock, wireless charger, and an external speaker for hands-free calls. Even better, it works with existing voice control and safety services - Google Now on Android and Siri on iOS.

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Tip: You Can Use 'OK Google' Voice Commands To Place A Call On Speakerphone

You've been able to tell Android to place calls by voice since time immemorial, but it has gotten a lot smarter over the years. Now, with OK Google commands, you can place a call without even touching the phone. It only makes sense you could activate the speakerphone in that situation, and indeed you can. At some point, Google added the ability to begin a call on speakerphone with only a voice command.

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A Screen-Accurate Bluetooth Version Of The Star Trek Communicator Goes On Sale In January For $150

Ever since the Motorola StarTAC, the loose association between cell phones and the original Star Trek TV series has been painfully obvious. If you want to show your love for America's most iconic piece of science fiction (back off, Star Wars nerds, don't make me bring up midichlorians), you'll soon be able to buy a screen-accurate and officially licensed version of the cell phone's spiritual progenitor. The Star Trek Communicator Bluetooth handset, Starfleet standard issue, will go on sale on January first.


There have been plenty of fan-made Bluetooth versions of the Communicator, mostly based off of toys or one-of-a-kind creations for cosplay.

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[LOLWUT] Supersmoker Bluetooth Is An E-Cig That Pairs With Your Phone To Take Calls And Play Music While You Pseudo-Smoke

Peanut butter and jelly – these things go together. Bert and Ernie? Same deal – they just work together. An e-cigarette and Bluetooth? Well, that's a tougher sell. The folks at Supersmoker think they're on to something, though. The new Supersmoker Bluetooth pairs with your phone to act as a speaker and Bluetooth headset, except it's in your mouth. The promo video is pretty weird too.

This contraption does the usual e-cig things with vaporizing nicotine solutions, but only one of the buttons controls that. The others are for pairing your e-cig with a smartphone, answering calls, and controlling music. There is a built-in mic and speaker, so you can answer a call without touching the phone.

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Kreyos Meteor Smartwatch Completes Indiegogo Campaign With More Than 15x Its Funding Goal

Kreyos came to Indiegogo in June asking for $100,000 to get their Meteor smartwatch to market. It's been nearly two months, and the company is walking away with over $1.5 million instead. People clearly want a smartwatch done right, and this speakerphone-equipped model, with its relatively small promises compared to other offerings, looks quite feasible.


The Meteor comes with a backlit "special LCD" black and white non-touch display. Wearers can issue voice commands, activate gestures by moving their wrists, or fall back to the traditional buttons situated on both sides of the device. It will pair with Android, iOS, and Windows Phone 8 devices, but it comes with a selection of widgets that operate independently of a smartphone.

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Kreyos Meteor Is A Removable Smartwatch With A Speakerphone, Indiegogo Flexible Funding Campaign Live Now

There's a new crowdfunded Bluetooth smartwatch on the... wait, come back here! It's true that this particular market niche has become somewhat overcrowded in the last few months, but the Meteor smartwatch by startup company Kreyos has a few features we haven't seen before. For one thing, it's detachable from its watchband, making it a bit more flexible when it comes to sporty activities. And for another, it works as a Bluetooth speakerphone and includes voice command, letting you live out your Dick Tracy fantasies.

The Meteor is targeted more towards fitness than notifications, with a built-in triple-axis gyrometer and accelerometer designed for tracking and quantifying various activities, including running, walking, swimming, golfing, and biking.

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