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UE Wonderboom review: A super adorable waterproof speaker that sounds great

This little guy is the UE Wonderboom, the newest speaker in UE's product line. It's half as tall, and almost twice as fat as its more expensive and elegant big brother, the UE Boom 2. At $50 less, it's nearly as loud and sounds almost as good. The catch? It's missing a few of the features of its older siblings. However, if the missing features are ones you don't care about, it's a better bargain.

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Amazon's new Echo Look seems like an April Fools joke, judges your outfits with machine learning

Amazon is definitely one of the lead players when it comes to voice assistants. The company's newest Echo speaker, the Echo Look, is... different. Instead of your usual speaker with a voice assistant, the Echo Look is specifically designed for taking pictures of your outfit. No, this isn't April Fools.

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[Deal Alert] Get a refurbished UE MEGABOOM for just $129.99 at Best Buy ($170 off MSRP)

Here at AP, we're quite fond of Ultimate Ears' MEGABOOM Bluetooth speaker. In our review of it from back in 2015, we found that it was tough, sounded great, and had a nice companion app. The only major sticking point - its MSRP of $299.99 (which it still retails for, by the way) makes it pretty pricey for a Bluetooth speaker. However, Best Buy is currently selling refurbished units of the MEGABOOM for just $129.99 a pop, making it a much more enticing value.

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Historic audio brand Jensen announces stereo smart speaker with Chromecast built-in

Jensen may not be a household name to many, but they've certainly got some impressive credentials in the audio business. Founded by the inventor of the loudspeaker, Peter L. Jensen, they produce all manner of audio equipment for industries ranging from the military to automobiles. Not relevant here, you might think. Except they've just announced an interesting new addition to their modest home audio lineup, a stereo smart speaker with Chromecast built-it.

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[Deal Alert] Get a set of Samsung Level On Wireless headphones for just $99.99 ($100 off), plus a variety of other Samsung audio deals from Groupon

We've published quite a few Deal Alerts already today, and that trend isn't stopping. As fellow tech geeks, it's our sworn duty to inform you all about any great prices on technology we find out there. In case today's deals on other Samsung products, like the Gear 360 camera or Level U Pro wireless headphones, didn't tickle your fancy, we've got some more coming your way right now.

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Amazon is reportedly developing a premium Alexa speaker with a 7-inch touchscreen

Amazon first introduced its Alexa voice assistant alongside the Echo speaker around two years ago. Though the Echo line of products has proved to be exceedingly popular, the audio that even the flagship model produces still leaves something to be desired. If you like the idea of Alexa but have been holding off on buying an Echo because of the lackluster sound quality, Amazon has something in the works that may appeal to you - a touchscreen-equipped Alexa device with premium sound.

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[Deal Alert] The UE Boom 2 is currently half off at Verizon ($99) in a load of different color combinations

When I get a new speaker in the mail to test, one of my go-to devices for comparison is the UE Boom 2. Looks, features, sound – this speaker checks off all the boxes. Today, it even checks the box next to great price. Right now you can pick one up at Verizon for just $99, which is half the normal retail price and a full $30 less than the discounted price that everyone else is offering, including T-Mobile (better get on that Mr. Legere, can't let big red beat ya, it'll ruin your sterling reputation).

What makes this deal even sweeter is that the discount isn't restricted to just one color combination as is often the case with killer sales.

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Sony's weird Future Lab Program N prototype gadget gets an Android companion app

Never let it be said that Android Police discourages innovation. Even so, the "N" device from Sony's Future Lab Program is a little hard to wrap your head around. At first glance it looks like one of those neckband-style Bluetooth headphones, and indeed, it does fulfill that function (with a pair of "open ear headphones" that are similar to, but not the same as, bone conduction buds). But it also has a pair of open-air speakers on the neckband, like a tiny little boombox. It isn't limited to music, either: according to Sony's site for the N, it also delivers "up to the minute information" like news, weather, fitness data, and notifications.

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[Deal Alert] Amazon Alexa-powered Triby portable speaker only $99.99 on Amazon (50% off)

Tell me your thoughts on the Amazon Echo. Do you like the product but don't buy into the Amazon ecosystem? Are you into the concept but don't want a black plastic cylinder taking up shelf space in your home? In case of the former, you might want to wait for Google Home. But if you're feeling the latter, then maybe you should check out the Triby portable speaker that comes with Alexa built-in.

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[Deal Alert] Get an ASUS ZenWatch 2 1.63" with HyperCharge for just $119 from Amazon and B&H

Just last week, we featured a deal for the smaller 1.45" ZenWatch 2 with a metal band. Now, we're back with another ASUS smartwatch offer; Amazon and B&H are both offering the 1.63" ZenWatch 2 with HyperCharge for just $119. Not only is this a larger, slightly newer model, but it's also $10 less than the deal from last week.

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