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Google is shutting down 'Spaces' on April 17th, becomes read-only on March 3rd

After nine months of existence, Google is throwing in the towel on group messaging app Spaces. It's going read-only on March 3rd and will be completely offline on April 17th. So, that's one Google messaging app down, like a dozen still to go.

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Spaces v1.7 adds capability to save posted images [APK Download]

As some readers might recall, there were a couple of fairly unusual, and very time-consuming teardown posts last week. In the final dash to finish them up, a few app updates were sidelined until they could be checked more thoroughly. Most of them have turned out to be bug fixes or have only small changes that don't really call for attention. The update to Google's micro-community app Spaces isn't very significant either, but it does resolve one of the most common complaints in the app since its release: it's now possible to save images posted to a space.

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[Update: APK] Google Makes 'Spaces' Group Sharing App Official, Launching Today On Android, iOS, And Web

We got a sneak peek at an unreleased Google app called Spaces a few weeks back, and now Google has announced the official release of the app. Spaces is a group sharing app for Android, iOS, and the web that lets you create a new space for each topic to keep discussions focused. The app is rolling out today, so you can't download it just yet, but it won't be long now.

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Aviate Launcher Goes Beta With Improved Contextual Awareness, Interface Tweaks - We Have 500 Invites

The popular invite-only contextual launcher Aviate upgraded today from Alpha to Beta. It's still invite-only, but it's definitely worth looking at, as one of the most powerful alpha products I've ever used just got even better. (Did I mention we have an invite code good for 500 invites later in the post?)

The team behind Aviate promises that, besides new features, the beta launch means that the full wait list of users will be brought on board, with all users getting five invite codes to dole out to friends.

So, what exactly is new in the beta? Several touches that add a nice helping of functionality to the already stellar contextual launcher, but which avoid cluttering the interface, and help Aviate stay true to its clean, restrained design language.

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