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Classic 3D Space Strategy Game Haegemonia: Legions Of Iron Comes To Android

Let me tell you about my life a little over a decade ago. I bought a PC strategy game called Hegemonia (AKA Haegemonia) on a whim in 2002. I played the campaign mode of that game no fewer than four times. It was fantastic. Now it's on Android, and this may be the last you hear from me until early next year. That is, of course, assuming it's still fun to play on Android.

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Paramount Made An Android Game For The Upcoming Movie Interstellar... And It's Surprisingly Cool

Science fiction buffs are getting very excited about Interstellar, the upcoming movie from director Christopher Nolan (of The Dark Knight and Inception fame). To drum up a little more excitement, Paramount has created and published a mobile game tie-in. Interstellar is a free download for Android 4.0, and unlike a lot of licensed games, it has no in-app purchases... so you can save your money for Coke and popcorn. Unlike even more licensed games, it's got some unique ideas and a solid presentation.

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PUK Developer Laser Dog Releases ALONE, An Ultrafast Endless Runner With Asteroids Style

There's a minor movie trope where an inexperienced character sits down at the controls of a complex vehicle, confident in his or her ability to handle the situation. Hilarity, as decreed by the ancient comedic formulas, ensues. ALONE... will make you fell like that poor sap, as a light-speed space capsule blasts across the screen maneuvered by some of the tightest, twitchiest touch controls I've ever seen. ALONE is a $2.47 with no in-app purchases.

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[Bonus Round] Eliss Infinity, Super Pixelander, Star Nomad, And The Ministry Of Silly Walks

Welcome to the latest entry in our Bonus Round series, wherein we tell you all about the new Android games of the day that we couldn't get to during our regular news rounds. Consider this a quick update for the dedicated gamers who can't wait for our bi-weekly roundups, and don't want to wade through a whole day's worth of news just to get their pixelated fix. Today we've got a space puzzler, a space arcade game, a space RPG...

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Google To Acquire Skybox Imaging For $500 Million To Improve Internet Access And Disaster Relief

There have been rumblings recently that, adding to its other (perhaps more far-flung) efforts to improve Internet access around the world, Google would eventually deploy its own fleet of satellites. Today, those rumblings got a little bit closer to reality as Google announced its agreement to acquire satellite imaging company Skybox for $500 million in cash.

Skybox Announcement Logo_sm

Skybox's journey so far, according to the announcement on its own blog, has been about revolutionizing "access to information about the changes happening across the surface of the Earth."

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Wall Street Journal: Google Plans To Send 180 Satellites Into FREAKIN' SPACE To Offer Internet Service To Remote Areas

Recently, Google's ambitious and public-spirited ventures are sounding less like the careful expansions of an international megacorp and more like the pet projects of Dr. Benton Quest. Self-driving cars, medical contact lenses, industrial robots - seriously, we're just waiting on a Walking Eye and Steve Ballmer in a villain costume at this point. The latest report from the Wall Street Journal (which tends to be spot-on when it comes to Google's plans) says the company is preparing a fleet of low-orbit satellites that will deliver Internet access.

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NASA Puts Project Tango To Work, Is Currently Testing It With SPHERES To Do Tedious Stuff Astronauts Don't Want To

So we all know that Project Tango is cool – programing a mobile device to be aware of its own surroundings just as people are can be potentially beneficial in many ways. NASA has clearly seen something in the in Tango as well, as the company has been working with Google since last year to utilize the project with its own robotic platform called SPHERES. In a nutshell, it wants to incorporate Tango into autonomous, space-aware robots that will take some of the load off of astronauts on the International Space Station by doing some of the work for them.

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[New App] Fox Releases The Official Cosmos Companion App, Reminds Us It Has A Streaming Video App For Full Episodes

It has been more than 30 years since the late, great Carl Sagan took to the airwaves to talk about how our future as a species depends powerfully on our understanding of the cosmos, which we float in like a mote of dust. The original Cosmos debuted in 1980 and inspired a generation of scientists and science nerds alike. Now the series is back with Neil deGrasse Tyson at the helm, and Fox has released a new companion app for Android that can help you explore the majesty and unbelievable scale of the cosmos while watching the show.

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[New Game] Line Of Defense Tactics, A Real-Time Strategy Game Spawned From An MMO, Launches For Android And Other Platforms

If we've learned anything from World of Warcraft, it's that strategy games and MMOs go hand in hand. Blizzard's role-playing game has been consuming lives for over a decade now, but it began as an RTS that was arguably every bit as engrossing. Line of Defense is taking a different approach. This MMO has now spawned a tactics game available for Windows, Mac OS X, iOS, and, yes, Android - all on the same day.

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[New Game] Those Raving Rabbids Make Their Android Gaming Debut In The Physics-Based Title 'Rabbids Big Bang'

When the Rabbids first appeared in Rayman Raving Rabbids for the Wii back in 2006, they were hilarious and even somewhat charming. There wasn't any depth to them, but there wasn't any depth to the game itself, so it was a perfect fit. Those obnoxious bunnies went on to shed their affiliation with Rayman and have since appeared in more games than their limbless friend. Now they're making their mobile debut with Rabbids Big Bang.

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