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[Hairy Buttholes] South Park takes on Google Home, Alexa, and Siri in its season opener

What do you get when you mix South Park's brand of seething humor, Cartman's childish behavior, and a slew of Google Homes and Amazon Echos? An episode full of big hairy balls and smelly tampon boogers being added to shopping lists, Simon says sentences about stinky poops, many more over the top juvenile jokes, all mixed with some social commentary on the loss of jobs due to automated assistants.

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[Howdy Ho] Zen Studios Continues Its Pop Culture Tour With South Park Pinball In Stand-Alone Game And IAP Flavors

After Star Wars, Marvel, and The Walking Dead, it seems like just about any property is fair game for Zen Studios' expanding pinball franchise. The latest addition is South Park, Comedy Central's foul-mouthed animated show now in its 18th season. As usual with Zen Pinball expansions, you can get the two new 3D tables as either a stand-alone paid app or as in-app purchase expansions to the original game. The separate app is $4, or each table is $2, so it works out the same.

The first table is just general South Park stuff, featuring a staggering number of characters, references, scene items, and voice clips from the show.

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