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SoundHound Update Brings 'OK Hound' Voice Commands For Hands-Free Operation

The music discovery app SoundHound has introduced its own voice control feature, which is triggered by "OK Hound." This means SoundHound can be used hands-free in the car or at a party when a cool song comes on and you want to impress your friends with your music knowledge. However, it only works when the device is awake and SoundHound is open.

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SoundHound Updated With A New Tablet Interface, All Hail Big Screens

Nothing brings a smile to my face like the words "Tablet Optimized," and thanks to SoundHound, I'll be walking around with a little grin all day long. The music recognition service has updated its Android app to include a fully realized tablet UI and a few other performance enhancements. Here are a few screenshots for comparison (taken on my Nexus 7):

2013-03-29 04.14.372013-03-29 04.15.04


2013-03-29 04.19.132013-03-29 04.18.56


The new tablet UI replaces the boring stretched out rows with drag-able lines of large cover art, making much better use of space on the main screen, discovery, and song pages. In landscape mode, history and bookmarks now stack songs into two columns instead of one, but appear otherwise unchanged.

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Ad-Free SoundHound Infinity With A Homescreen Widget Is Today's Amazon Appstore Free App Of The Day

If you've ever needed to identify a song that is playing somewhere around you, you've probably already used SoundHound or Shazam which both listen to your surroundings and pop up the best guess - usually right on the money.

The two apps are pretty similar, though they obviously use different algorithms, so I always keep both on my phone just in case. Additionally, SoundHound recognizes humming and whistling, which makes it even more valuable.

While the free version of Shazam allows only 5 IDs per month, SoundHound went unlimited in their basic app a few months back. So, why would anyone use SoundHound Infinity then, a $5 app that is free in the Amazon Appstore today, when they could identify an unlimited amount of songs for free?

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