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[Deal Alert] Grab A Soundfreaq Double Spot For $112 (25% Off) From Stack Social

I love Soundfreaq speakers. They offer big sound in a small package, generally look pretty damn good, and are always very reasonably priced. I reviewed the Double Spot a few weeks ago, which is probably my favorite Soundfreaq offering to date – it's a killer little speaker for $150. BUT! If you want it for fewer dollars, now's the time to buy. For the next two weeks, Stack Social is selling this mid-century modern speaker for $112, which is 25% off the normal price.

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Soundfreaq Double Spot Review: Because Two Speakers Are Better Than One

Almost a year ago, I reviewed the Soundfreaq Sound Spot, a speaker that's mid-century modern design is eye-catching to some (like myself) and not so appealing to others. As polarizing as the design may be, though, there's no denying that it's a killer little speaker for the money. For this year, Soundfreaq doubled up on the speakers, added a couple of new tricks, kept the same sexy design, and called it the Double Spot.

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