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I wish all music and audio apps on Android wouldn't stop playback when swiped away

Several years ago, developers of music players on Android had to implement a persistent notification in order to keep their app running and music playing even when users switched to another app. With better memory management and more available RAM on modern phones, this isn't a concern anymore, and most devs have forgotten about that commodity. That has had one annoying consequence on several audio apps: If you mistakenly swipe them away, your music or podcasts or audiobooks stop playing.

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SoundCloud's redesigned home screen features personalized playlists and curated recommendations

SoundCloud announced today that it's given the home screen of its Android app a fresh lick of paint. Until now, the app would open with a stream of the latest releases from the artists and labels you follow. That content is still there, in a new tab highlighted by a lightning bolt, but the home screen has a few new goodies to keep you interested.

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SoundCloud app update allows Go and Go+ users to save playlists offline to external SD cards


Google Home will soon support free Spotify accounts, plus SoundCloud and Deezer

The Google Home already supports a large number of music streaming services - including YouTube Music, TuneIn, Google Play Music, iHeartRadio, Pandora, and NPR One. Today at Google I/O, Google announced more services will be compatible - including free Spotify accounts.

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SoundCloud introduces a new way to discover music with The Upload

Some of us actively look forward to Monday for one reason: Spotify's Discover Weekly playlist. Every week on that day I get a new playlist tuned to my preferences based on what I've been listening to (you can check out this week's glory here). The rush of Monday news is that much easier with adequate tunes. Now SoundCloud is getting in on the action with their own personalized playlists.

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17 new and notable Android apps from the last 2 weeks (2/28/17 - 3/13/17)

Welcome to the roundup of the best new Android applications that went live in the Play Store or were spotted by us in the previous 2 weeks or so.

Please wait for this page to load in full in order to see the widgets, which include ratings and pricing info.

Looking for the previous roundup editions? Find them here.

Featured App

Accu Battery

Today's roundup is presented by Accu Battery from Digibites. Batteries today are ubiquitous with just about every device we use, as they play a critical role in our day-to-day that is difficult to dismiss. This means that it is pretty important to stay on top of your battery usage.

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SoundCloud Go adds a mid-tier $5 subscription option, old $10 plan is now 'Go+'

For most web users, SoundCloud is just a quick repository of sound files for playing back in a browser - Imgur for songs and audio clips, if you will. But for those users that get deep into the highly specialized community of artists and designers on the platform, SoundCloud offers its premium "Go" package. $10 a month gets you an expanded selection of exclusive tracks, ad-free browsing and listening, and offline listening in the Android app. Today the service is shaking things up a bit: there's a new mid-tier service level for just $4.99 a month, while the old plan is now called "SoundCloud Go+."

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SoundCloud update adds Charts, showing what music is popular right now

If it's indie music and new, unknown artists, chances are it'll be on SoundCloud. The Berlin-based company has long pioneered a music platform that doesn't focus on the big, stadium-filling artists, but on the small, independent ones. An update to the app adds in Charts, letting users see what others are listening to on the service and what is popular at any given moment. While these were actually implemented in the previous version, they've just been added to the changelog, indicating it's possible they were rolling out on a server-side basis.


The charts are separated into two sections - Top 50 and New and Hot.

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SoundCloud's Go premium service arrives on Sonos

Sonos, the company most famous for having a logo that can be read the same way upside down, now supports SoundCloud Go. This announcement comes a few weeks after Plex's Sonos compatibility announcement. For people less interested in logos, Sonos is perhaps best known for its multi-room speakers that allow you to play the same song or different songs in each room of your house (provided that you can afford that many, of course).

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SoundCloud introduces Suggested Tracks, starts recommending music based on your listening history

SoundCloud is filled with music, but how do you find stuff that you like? You can search around on your own, pull up stuff other people recommend, filter by genre, or stick with what's popular. All of these methods may or may not produce content that you actually want to listen to.

To address this, SoundCloud will now recommend tracks based on your listening history.

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