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[Deal Alert] Soundfreaq Sound Kick Half Off On StackSocial - Only $50

The Soundfreaq Sound Kick might be a few years old now (we reviewed it back in 2012), but it is still one of the better portable Bluetooth speakers on the market. No, it doesn't have some of the features newer speakers have, like NFC, MicroUSB charging, or apt-X. That being said, it does have the one feature essential to make any portable speaker worth purchasing – great sound. The Sound Kick's unique pop-out resonance chamber gives it much deeper bass than one might expect from a speaker this size and audio is clear and distortion free even at high volumes.

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[Lightning Review] Soundfreaq Sound Kick Portable Bluetooth Speaker: An Amazing, No-Frills Product In A World Full Of Pretenders

I am sort of becoming the Bluetooth speaker guy here at Android Police, and the more such products I review, the more I find I'm not impressed with a lot of the current market leaders. Most of all, I'm unimpressed with their price-to-performance ratio. So often, Bluetooth speakers overpromise with buzzwords like "amazing clarity," "deep bass," and "rich sound" (how the hell is sound rich?). I get tired of it, especially since most of these promises are meaningless, recycled advertising drivel that belongs on a late-night infomercial.

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