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Sorcery! 4: The Crown of Kings concludes the game-book series with numerous possible endings

We've highlighted each entry of the Sorcery! series as they've arrived on Android, because each has been a compelling blend of a 'Choose Your Own Adventure" book with a tabletop RPG. Sorcery! 4: The Crown of Kings has arrived, and now it's time to see how your particular story is going to end.

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Sorcery! 3 Takes The Familiar Game-Book Formula And Sprinkles It With Time Travel For An Epic Threequel

We've covered both of the previous entries in the Sorcery series, from 80 Days developer Inkle Ltd., when they landed on Android. At the core they're game-books, a genre that mixes old-school dice-based tabletop RPGs and structured "Choose Your Own Adventure" narratives, like those so prominently featured in the library of Tin Man Games. But the Sorcery series takes this idea further with a dynamic story engine, interesting animations, skeuomorphic interface design, and hand-drawn everything.

You don't need to have played Sorcery or Sorcery 2 to get into the story of Sorcery 3 (but it couldn't hurt). This time 'round the Tolkien-style fantasy world includes time portals: your character will be able to move between the present and the past with your choices affecting each, Chrono Trigger-style.

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[Deal Alert] Carcassonne And Sorcery Are Free Today On The Amazon Appstore ($5 Each Normally) [Update: Many More Apps Also Free]

Update: As it turns out, there's many more where that came from. Carcassonne is part of Amazon's current "Over $100 in Essential Apps FREE Thursday and Friday Only" deal. It's joined by a slew of free apps and games.

Screenshot 2014-08-01 at 2.10.46 PM

There's always a free app of the day in the Amazon Appstore, but sometimes consumers are treated to multiple giveaways on the site at the same time. Today's free app, Sorcery, is joined by Carcassonne, which just happens to be going for the glorious price of $0.00 at the same time. Both of these games usually run $4.99, making this a great chance to save yourself ten bucks and have a little fun in the process.

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