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[Deal Alert] Sony XAV-AX100 Android Auto unit is $348 ($50 off), XAV-AX200 is $449 ($50 off)

When Android Auto was first introduced, your only option for using it was to buy a brand new car. But soon enough, third-party head units (like the lovely Sony one pictured above) started showing up. Now that you can run the full Android Auto interface on your phone, you don't strictly need a compatible head unit, but they're getting cheaper anyways.

Now you can get the Sony XAV-AX100 and XAV-AX200 head units for $50 off the usual prices.

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[Deal Alert] Get a Sony XAV-AX100 Android Auto unit for $398 ($100 off) from Amazon, Newegg, and others

Android Auto is pretty cool, but the requirement of an expensive headunit for your car (or a new car that shipped with Android Auto support) set the barrier of entry pretty high. Thankfully, Google added the ability to use the Android Auto interface on your phone last year. Still, if you want the full Android Auto experience, a compatible Sony head unit is currently $398 ($100 off) from select sites.

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