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Amazon brings Alexa integration to Android TV starting with Sony Bravias

Hell officially froze over when Google and Amazon decided to bury their squabbles and stop locking each other out of their respective TV ecosystems. Of course, Amazon apps have been available on Android for a long time, and the company would've shot itself in the foot if it didn't distribute its content and store to the biggest mobile OS in the world. However, TVs have always been a sensitive topic for Amazon and Google, as they're both directly competing with their Chromecast and Fire TV. Shortly after their truce, Amazon announced in April that it's bringing Alexa integration to Sony TVs powered by Android.

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Android TV 8.0 rolling out to recent Sony TVs, sideload available now

Sony is one of the best OEMs around when it comes to updating its smartphones in a timely fashion, but the company's smart TVs are another story. Even though Android 9 Pie was released five months ago, and Android Q is on the horizon, Sony is just now rolling out Oreo to some of its smart TVs.

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Android TV app for Comcast Xfinity coming in 2018, but only for Sony TVs at first

Over a year ago, Comcast revealed that it was working on an Xfinity app for Android TV. It was part of the 'Xfinity TV Partner Program,' designed to make its television service available on smart TVs and internet-connected streaming boxes. That way, you wouldn't have to lease a cable box (unless you didn't want TV congesting your home internet network) - just install the app and start watching content.

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Haystack TV Gets Major Update: Now Shows Streamed TV Stations Alongside Broadcast TV

One of the biggest problems with TV news is that if you're not interested in a particular story – say, sports or celebrities – you have no option but to sit through it. Haystack TV aims to solve that by turning the news into personalized streams which are curated through artificial intelligence, big data, and editorial decision-making. The idea being that if you're especially interested in finance or international affairs, you can create a TV channel just about that.

In addition to being available through the browser and as a downloadable application for most major smartphone and Internet TV platforms, it is also available for Google's nascent Android TV platform, which can be found running on the latest-and-greatest Sony Smart TVs.

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