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Sonos v5.3 Beta Is 'A Little Bit Faster Now' With Simpler Room Control, Crossfade, And More

If you've invested in a Sonos speaker system for your home, you have probably cursed the Sonos app on more than one occasion. It was vastly improved last spring, and now there's a new public beta that makes some welcome changes. According to Sonos, the new app is "A Little Bit Faster Now."

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Macronos Casts Any Music And Audio From Your Rooted Android Device To Your Sonos Speakers

So you got that fancy Sonos speaker (or several ones) and you're annoyed that it only streams music via Wi-Fi from your Android device through the Sonos or Google Play Music apps? Cheaper (much cheaper actually) Bluetooth speakers would allow you to play any audio from any app on them, and Macronos unlocks that same functionality on the Sonos.

The app, which has been available for a while, but only came to our attention recently, serves mostly as a Sonos macro creator — something like a shortcut to play this playlist on this speaker at this volume, while lowering that speaker to that volume.

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Sonos 5.2 Hits The Play Store With Multi-Account Support, PLAYBAR Sound Enhancements, Search Improvements, And More

The latest version of the Sonos Android app makes life easier for families and roommates alike. Instead of juggling a single login, users can now hop around between multiple accounts. The software is capable of handling up to 32, large enough to stick in the lounge of a college dorm. Each account has its own nickname and custom music experience.

Screenshot 2014-12-04 at 2.07.18 PM

We first saw multi-account support rolled into the beta early last month, and it wasn't alone.

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Yonomi Is Like IFTTT For Your Smart Gadgets, Helps You Wake Up To Fresh Coffee, Toast, And Cool Tunes

All of these "smart" devices in our lives sure are creating a mess for us. We have to remember to charge them and take the time to set them up properly, every gadget has its own app on our phone, and none of them seem to be able to communicate effortlessly with each other unless they come from the same manufacturer, and even then... That's where Yonomi comes into the picture.

With one app, Yonomi aims to solve the mess that is our connected life.

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Sonos 5.2 Beta Update Introduces Multi-Account Support, PLAYBAR Sound Enhancements, And More

Sonos has introduced the ability to manage multiple accounts, so people with music streaming to the sound system throughout their house no longer have to share a single login. This lets everyone in the family or a full set of roommates each utilize Sonos in their own way.

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This feature isn't rolling out as a stable update just yet. To get your hands on multi-account support as soon as possible, you will need to sign up for the beta.

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Sonos 5.1 Update Lets Users Set Things Up Using Their Existing Wi-Fi Networks, No Sonos Bridge Required

With a Sonos sound system, people can pump music through every room of the house using their Android phone or tablet as a master control device. This wireless audio jujitsu previously required users to directly plug a Sonos Bridge into their routers, which would create a dedicated network for the system to do its business on. With version 5.1, the Bridge is no longer required. New customers can set up their Sonos systems using their existing Wi-Fi networks.

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Logitech Harmony Update Introduces Speech Recognition, Integration With Sonos Music Players/Amazon Fire TV, And More

The Logitech Harmony Android app has received an update to version 3.3 that enables users to take control of their Sonos wireless HiFi sound systems from the comfort of their Android devices without having to switch back and forth between apps. The software should work from anywhere in the home and gives users control over volume, tracks, and playlists. It will also work with Amazon's spiffy Fire TV.

This provided screenshot comes from an iPhone, but the Android UI shouldn't look too different.

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Sonos 5 Exits Beta, Updated Design And New Universal Search Now Ready For The General Public

The Sonos Android app has been long overdue for an update, previously sporting a UI that looked out of date four flavors of Android ago. When version 5 hit beta, it brought about a much needed refresh, introducing a UI that looks just fine on KitKat devices. Now the app has exited beta and is ready for anyone with a Sonos sound system to download and fire up.

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Sonos Adds Support For Google Play Music, Including Casting From Play Music Android App

Sonos released a beta app a few weeks back that is much less... unattractive. The company isn't stopping with the looks, though. Sonos is getting official support for Google Play Music today, allowing you to stream tunes directly to your Sonos speakers from Google's cloud.

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Sonos 5.0 Beta Finally Fixes The UI, Improves Music Exploration, And Adds Universal Search

So you've got a Sonos system hooked up, but here you are using an app that looks like a Gingerbread flashback. Don't worry – there's a new beta version available with a ton of fixes. Sonos just made the official announcement on its blog, and you can check it out for yourself.

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