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You will soon be able to control Sonos speakers from inside the Spotify app and via Alexa voice commands

Sonos and Spotify may not be exclusive, but they are in a relationship. Last year we watched a Sonos app update gain Spotify radio integration. Soon Spotify will add the ability to manage Sonos speakers from inside the Spotify mobile app. You scratch my back, I'll scratch yours. That's how some relationships work.

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SoundCloud's Go premium service arrives on Sonos

Sonos, the company most famous for having a logo that can be read the same way upside down, now supports SoundCloud Go. This announcement comes a few weeks after Plex's Sonos compatibility announcement. For people less interested in logos, Sonos is perhaps best known for its multi-room speakers that allow you to play the same song or different songs in each room of your house (provided that you can afford that many, of course).

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Sonos Android app gains Plex integration, currently in beta

Here's an exciting update for those of you who have a Sonos sound system and use Plex to manage your media library — the two services are learning how to play along. Sonos has begun testing Plex integration in the latest version of the mobile app.

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[Deal Alert] Amazon And Sonos Team Up For A Father's Day Promo: Free Amazon Gift Cards With Every Sonos Purchase

I've never owned or used a Sonos speaker, but people who have say they are rather nice. They are also rather expensive. But, as the old adage goes, you get what you pay for. If you want a great sounding WiFi speaker system that works throughout your entire house, Sonos may just be the best in the business.

A whole home speaker system is one of the finer things in life, and do you know who enjoys the finer things in life? Dads, that's who. Amazon must know this, because they are offering a special promotion on Sonos speakers for Father's day.

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The Sonos Controller App's Apple Music Support Is Now Out Of Beta


Sonos' Beta Support For Apple Music Arrives In Latest App Update

Apple and Sonos aren't BFFs just yet, but they're working on it. Today is December 15th, and as promised, beta Apple Music support has arrived. The news is visible in black and white in the changelog that accompanies the latest app update.

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Sonos Plans To Release A Beta Update With Apple Music Compatibility December 15th

Say what you will about Apple, its music streaming service isn't half bad. But no matter how nice a music app is, the experience gets improved by taking the sound out of subpar phone speakers and funneling it through something with some oomph. Sonos users will soon have that option.

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Sonos Adds Amazon Prime Music Compatibility In The Latest Software Update

Sonos has become the de facto standard for multi-room audio systems, despite the fact that there are now several cheaper (if not better) alternatives. Today it becomes a little better still: those who use Amazon's Prime Music (which is included as a freebie if you've subscribed to Amazon Prime for the free shipping or other benefits) can now stream music directly from the Sonos system. The feature is currently in beta, according to the official Sonos company blog.

Oddly, this isn't the first time that Amazon Music and Sonos have crossed paths, just the first time it's been available specifically for the Prime section of the service.

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Sonos 5.5 Update Delivers Spotify Radio Integration

Do you love music enough to pay for a Spotify account? Did you also buy a set of Sonos speakers? Have you been upset that you haven't been able to use the former's Radio feature on the latter?

No, this isn't the introduction to an As Seen On TV product. But things in your life are still about to change for the better, and no, you don't have to act now. Well, okay, you technically have to make sure your software updates. Version 5.5 of the Sonos app adds support for Spotify Radio features such as starting a playlist based on a particular artist or track.

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Sonos Announces A New $499 PLAY:5 Speaker And iOS-Only "Trueplay" Speaker Tuning

Sonos' brand name has become synonymous with expensive streaming speakers, and the company is still riding its success in making this vision of connected audio equipment mainstream. Its latest speaker is the PLAY:5, a six-driver unit with dedicated amplifiers, touch controls, and a pairing system that lets you assign two units as left and right channels for a stereo sound effect. The PLAY:5 also has an accelerometer on board that recognizes the position it's placed in (horizontal, vertical on its right side or left side), and adjusts the sound and tuning so it's perfect for this configuration.

There's no exact availability date on the PLAY:5, except "this year," but price should be set at $499 in the US and €579 in Europe.

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