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Sonos Plans To Release A Beta Update With Apple Music Compatibility December 15th

Say what you will about Apple, its music streaming service isn't half bad. But no matter how nice a music app is, the experience gets improved by taking the sound out of subpar phone speakers and funneling it through something with some oomph. Sonos users will soon have that option.

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Sonos Adds Amazon Prime Music Compatibility In The Latest Software Update

Sonos has become the de facto standard for multi-room audio systems, despite the fact that there are now several cheaper (if not better) alternatives. Today it becomes a little better still: those who use Amazon's Prime Music (which is included as a freebie if you've subscribed to Amazon Prime for the free shipping or other benefits) can now stream music directly from the Sonos system. The feature is currently in beta, according to the official Sonos company blog.

Oddly, this isn't the first time that Amazon Music and Sonos have crossed paths, just the first time it's been available specifically for the Prime section of the service.

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Sonos 5.5 Update Delivers Spotify Radio Integration

Do you love music enough to pay for a Spotify account? Did you also buy a set of Sonos speakers? Have you been upset that you haven't been able to use the former's Radio feature on the latter?

No, this isn't the introduction to an As Seen On TV product. But things in your life are still about to change for the better, and no, you don't have to act now. Well, okay, you technically have to make sure your software updates. Version 5.5 of the Sonos app adds support for Spotify Radio features such as starting a playlist based on a particular artist or track.

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Sonos Announces A New $499 PLAY:5 Speaker And iOS-Only "Trueplay" Speaker Tuning

Sonos' brand name has become synonymous with expensive streaming speakers, and the company is still riding its success in making this vision of connected audio equipment mainstream. Its latest speaker is the PLAY:5, a six-driver unit with dedicated amplifiers, touch controls, and a pairing system that lets you assign two units as left and right channels for a stereo sound effect. The PLAY:5 also has an accelerometer on board that recognizes the position it's placed in (horizontal, vertical on its right side or left side), and adjusts the sound and tuning so it's perfect for this configuration.

There's no exact availability date on the PLAY:5, except "this year," but price should be set at $499 in the US and €579 in Europe.

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[Deal Alert] Logitech Harmony Home Control Just $99 Until 12 AM PST On Amazon - Down From $150

Smart home technology is great. The Nest Learning Thermostat, Phillips Hue, and Sonos sound systems are wonderful products that make life more convenient, automated, and beautiful. These technologies are great, but many components in a smart home are controlled by applications from a smart phone or tablet. Having to pull your phone out of your pocket and unlock it every time you want to turn off the lights while watching a movie can be a little annoying.

Fortunately, the Logitech Harmony Home Control makes running a smart home a little easier. The remote works great for controlling your media center, but it also can be programmed to control many different home automation devices.

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Sonos Plans To Increase Its European Prices On July 31st, Now's The Time To Buy Those Speakers If You Want Them

Were you planning or considering buying a Sonos speaker, amplifier, or any other kind of gear from the company on its European stores? Well, you now have only a couple of days to make your decision before the prices hike up. Sonos has announced that starting July 31st, all of its prices will receive a bump in EUR, DKK, SEK, and NOK. It seems that GBP prices are staying steady for now.

Sonos explains that the significant drop in the EUR to USD conversion rate has made its current prices unsustainable, especially since it's a US company and it operates on the dollar then has to send its products to Europe where they get tacked with import duties and taxation.

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Sonos App Updated To v5.4 With Play Music Recommended Playlists, Improved Shuffle, And More

The Sonos app has gone through a couple big changes recently, and the result is an app that no longer makes your eyes bleed. That's always nice. Today's update to v5.4 doesn't make any changes on the level of reducing ocular bleeding, but it's still a good one.

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Sonos Beta App Updated With Numerous Improvements For Spotify Premium Subscribers

Music will generally sound better coming through the Sonos speaker system in your home than your phone or computer, so it's a no brainer that Spotify subscribers want to stream albums this way. Fortunately new features have found their way into the beta version of the Android app that make this a better experience.

A number of these additions help you find new content. Spotify Premium subscribers can now start radio stations from any artist or track and get recommendations based on the time of day. The app will also do its part to help you discover newly released albums, and access to charts lets you see what music is trending in various parts of the world.

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Sonos v5.3 Now Available In The Play Store After Lengthy Beta Test


Sonos v5.3 Beta Is 'A Little Bit Faster Now' With Simpler Room Control, Crossfade, And More

If you've invested in a Sonos speaker system for your home, you have probably cursed the Sonos app on more than one occasion. It was vastly improved last spring, and now there's a new public beta that makes some welcome changes. According to Sonos, the new app is "A Little Bit Faster Now."

Screenshot_2015-01-27-10-49-53 Screenshot_2015-01-27-10-52-11 Screenshot_2015-01-27-10-50-14

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