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Sonos files for IPO to become a public company

Speaker maker Sonos has filed paperwork in the US to become a publicly traded company. The company plans to join the Nasdaq under the symbol SONO. It didn't specify an initial list price for shares, but it used a placeholder value of $100 million. That could go up or down as we get closer to the sale.

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Alexa Skills Kit and Voice Service expand to Italy and Spain, Echo devices coming later in the year

Amazon has announced that the Echo and other Alexa speakers from Bose and Sonos are coming to Spain and Italy later this year. In preparation for that, it is now expanding the Alexa Skills Kit and Voice Service to these two countries.

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[Update: Fix] Harmony users are having trouble controlling volume on Sonos, Logitech is working on a fix

Logitech's Harmony universal remotes are powerful devices that let you throw away the different remotes you have for your entire entertainment center and replace them with just one. However, if you own Sonos speakers, you may have noticed an issue over the past few weeks: your Harmony remote suddenly seems unable to properly control your speaker.

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[Update: Actually live] Audible finally works with Sonos, offers trial with 2 credits and Miles Davis' autobiography for free

Avid audiobook listeners will be excited to know that Sonos has just added support for Audible to its line of smart speakers. Despite having already worked with Amazon to equip its Sonos One speakers with Alexa, Amazon's Audible audiobook service was still surprisingly missing from the list of available music services in the Sonos app after having been removed two years ago.

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You can now control your Sonos speakers with Google Home through Yonomi

Sonos products are praised for a lot of good reasons, but integration with other smart home ecosystems isn't one of them. Until recently, you'd have had to use some separate hardware or scripts to control any Sonos speaker, but no longer. Google has added support for Yonomi to the Google Home and Google Assistant, and since Yonomi supports Sonos natively, that means that controlling your Sonos speakers with Google Home no longer requires a workaround.

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[Deal Alert] Get $25 to $100 off Sonos speakers, including the new One voice-controlled model

Cracks fingers. Alright, here we go again, another deal, another post. You can do it, Rita.

Look, I know most of you are just about done with Black Friday, but we do what we do because there are always a few persons who are interested in this deal, as opposed to that deal which others found more appealing. We're here for all. But it's tough to make these posts interesting, especially when the discount is relatively so tiny. Then I remember that Sonos nearly never discounts anything and when it does, it's just as abysmal as the deals today, so here goes...

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TIDAL Android app adds support for Sonos speakers

Tidal, the music streaming service owned by rapper Jay-Z, has yet to really take off. Despite the backing of several major artists (Beyoncé, Kayne West, etc), the high subscription price and lack of a major quality difference for most listeners has kept the user base low.

If you're part of the (likely small) cross-section of people with both a Tidal subscription and Sonos speakers, then I have some good news for you.

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[Deal Alert] Get $50 off a Sonos Play:1 or $100 off a Play:5 with Alexa voice ordering

Amazon has a special deal for those interested in hopping aboard the Sonos train, or looking to expand their collection, thanks to voice ordering through Alexa. You can score a Play:1 for $144-$149.98, saving $50, or a Play:5 for $399. Sales on Sonos products are rare, so this is worth paying attention to.

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[Update: Assistant coming in 2018] Sonos announces the Sonos One, a $199 Alexa-equipped speaker

You might have lost track with all the Google happenings, but Sonos had a little event in NYC today. It announced something we've heard rumored a few times—an Alexa-equipped speaker. The Sonos One goes on sale in a few weeks, and it's priced at $199. That's not bad for a Sonos speaker.

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Sonos adds beta support for Pocket Casts for all of your podcasting needs

Podcasts are making something of a comeback these days, and Pocket Casts is one of the leading podcast apps available for Android and iOS alike. Naturally then, Sonos customers have been requesting Pocket Casts support for a while. Those customers' hopes and dreams have now come true, as the developers behind Pocket Casts have announced that Sonos support is in beta.

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