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Google Play Music Contextual Playlists Go Live In Poland, Czech Republic, Ukraine, South Africa, Possibly More Countries

Google Play Music's Songza-powered contextual playlists first went live way back in October of 2014, but at the time, it was only in the US and Canada. A larger, international rollout has apparently been on Google's "to-do" list since (the UK did get them shortly after, though), and it appears that in the last few days users in a handful of countries have seen the feature pop up. Right now, we're aware of contextual playlists for Play Music going live in Poland, the Czech Republic, Ukraine, and South Africa - but there are quite possibly more countries that should be in the list or will be added soon.

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Google Is Shutting Down Songza On January 31st, 2016

Google acquired the streaming music service Songza more than a year ago, and it has operated in parallel with Google Play Music all this time. But no more. Songza is being shuttered on January 31st, so existing users have about two months to migrate over to Play Music. The good news, most of Songza's features are already in Play Music.

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Google Play Music's Songza-Powered Contextual Playlists Go Live In The UK

Over the summer, Google bought Songza, a music streaming company that provides playlists suited for certain moods and times of day. The Big G has left the service running, but that didn't stop it from integrating the functionality with Play Music several months later. This brought recommended playlists to the "Listen Now" area of the Android app and website for listeners in the US and Canada. Now the functionality has expanded to the UK.


I know, screenshots in the UK don't look all that different from those in the US.

These playlists can provide background music for when you're running, studying, or cranking out posts from your desk.

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[Update: APK Download] Google Throws Songza Contextual Playlists Into Play Music's Material Design Update

Update: Well, that didn't take long. We've already received the APK for the update (Google Play Music version 5.7.1717Q.1530520). The download is at the end of the post.

2014-10-21 16.48.44 2014-10-21 16.48.51 2014-10-21 16.52.56

Transparency! Contrast! Colors! Freakin' circles, man!

2014-10-21 16.48.21 2014-10-21 16.48.29 2014-10-21 16.48.36

One of the new curated Songza-style playlists is "Coding Your Face Off." Nice.

2014-10-21 16.49.26 2014-10-21 16.49.38 2014-10-21 16.51.19


Remember when Google purchased Songza, the company, service, and app that was hitherto a minor player in the streaming music marketplace? Today Songza's primary differentiating feature, playlists that are matched to a "mood" or situation, is being integrated into Google Play Music's subscription service. The new playlists should be live on the web right now, and the additional functionality will make it into Android and iOS app updates later today in the US and Canada.

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Google Buys Songza, Has No Immediate Plans To Kill The App

Google has just announced its acquisition of music streaming and curation service Songza. We don't have any details on the value of the deal, but Songza is by no means a heavyweight in the music streaming ecosystem. The deal was rumored a few weeks ago with a possible purchase price for Songza at about $15 million (that's 0.015 Instagrams). Only in the land of Google acquisitions is that a small number.


Google doesn't have any plans to change or (gasp) kill the app or service. You can still download and use it on Android and iOS for now. Mountain View will, however, begin looking at ways to bring Songza's unique flavor of playlist generation into Play Music.

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Google Allegedly Negotiating Songza Acquisition, Probably To Improve Play Music Curation

For some reason, it seems that streaming music is the new hotness in the world of tech firm acquisitions. Today, the New York Post reports that Google is eyeing the acquisition of Songza.

Songza is a popular music curating and streaming service that, with five and a half million active users, is nothing to sneeze at. The Android app is currently in the 1 million - 5 million download range, with almost 60,000 ratings.

The service does a pretty great job of figuring out what music you want to hear, basing choices not just on your listening habits, but by the activity you're doing or how you're feeling.

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