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Splyce Mixes And Orders Your Songs By BPM, Acts Like A Cool Automated DJ Who's Always With You

When I was looking at local music players on Android for my roundup, I tried to find an app that would analyze your songs' BPM and let you create playlists accordingly, but couldn't land on one that did the job well. Both DjRun and RockMyRun use BPM to build their playlists, but they are geared toward running and active lifestyles. What if you just wanted slow mellow songs to chill to? Or fast uptempo music to ease your homework struggle? There didn't seem to be an alternative that fit the bill quite well, until Splyce came along today.

Although it has been available on iOS for a (long) while, Splyce has just made the jump to Android.

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[New App] Music Maker Jam Is A Windows Song-Mixing App Making The Hop To Android, Now Available In The Play Store

As Android users, we've all grown accustomed to getting apps ported to our devices that originated on iOS. It's for this reason that Music Maker Jam by MAGIX's Android debut comes as a bit of a surprise. This app comes to us not from the Apple App Store, but from the Windows Store instead. Music Maker Jam makes mixing your own songs an easy experience and offers a large selection of professionally produced material to work with.

MusicMakerJam3 MusicMakerJam4 MusicMakerJam5

MusicMakerJam6 MusicMakerJam7

Though the Windows version of the app is heavily integrated with Microsoft's Metro UI, the developers have done a decent enough job making Music Maker Jam holo-friendly.

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