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The best third-party file managers for Android

You might be wondering why we're rounding up file browser apps if the latest Android smartphones already come with perfectly-functional versions. Frankly, there's too many in the Play Store not to highlight the ones worth checking out. And if you're a frequent device hopper, switching between your phone, tablet, and Android TV device, you might be looking for a file browser with a bit more functionality than what the default Google, Samsung, and Motorola versions have to offer.

Mobile file browsers work similarly to the desktop versions of these apps. They enable you to shuffle around files and folders between directories or compress them if they're too big to share through traditional channels.

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How to enable Rules on Android 10 with root

Before Android 10's official release, an automation feature called "Rules" was discovered during the beta phase that many hoped would make its way into the final build of the OS. Although it didn't appear as feature-rich as Tasker, it seemed like a good starting point for Google to build on. After being absent for a while, the Rules feature began popping up for certain Android 10 Pixel users as a server-side update. If you'd rather not wait for Google to activate the feature for you, there is a short and simple method available now, assuming you have a rooted Pixel phone running Android 10.

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Solid Explorer now works with Scoped Storage on Android Q

Perhaps the most drastic change announced for Android Q was Scoped Storage, which changes file management on Android by limiting which folders apps can access. After complaints from developers that they wouldn't be able to update their apps in time for Q, Google said it wouldn't make Scoped Storage a requirement until Android R, but well-known file manager Solid Explorer has just added support anyway.

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Solid Explorer stable version updated with new Material themes, adaptive icon, and more

Android has its own built-in file manager these days, but it's rudimentary at best. If you spend any amount of time managing files, you'll want a third-party file manager, and Solid Explorer is among the best. A new interface hit this app in beta some weeks back, and now the stable version is joining the fun.

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Solid Explorer adds support for SMBv2 file sharing protocol


Solid Explorer 2.2.7 updated with app shortcuts to most recent cloud locations and more

Solid Explorer is one of the first things I install on most of my devices when I get them. The file manager is packed full of features, updated regularly, and offers plenty of stuff for any level of user. The latest update, v2.2.7, brings a few additions and some bug fixes, but let's take a look through the changelog first.

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Solid Explorer 2.2 is now available with encryption, multi-window support, and more

There is no shortage of file managers on the Play Store. But Solid Explorer remains my favorite, simply because of its Material design and ease of use. For you power users out there, it also boasts drag and drop, FTP/WebDAV/SMB client support, batch file management, and much more. Solid Explorer has just been bumped to version 2.2, and there's a lot to get excited about.

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Solid Explorer 2.0 Comes With A Goat Mode Easter Egg

Are you a goat? You can be one just by tapping a few things in the new Solid Explorer 2.0 to activate goat mode. Okay, you're not really going to be a goat, just like tapping the Android build number to activate developer mode doesn't make you a developer. Still, it's pretty funny.

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Solid Explorer 2.0 Is Finally Out After A Lengthy Beta Test, New Paid Plugins Available Too

Solid Explorer is one of the most popular file managers on Android, but the app has never been particularly attractive. It's much improved today, though, with the release of Solid Explorer v2.0. I know what you're thinking, is that really just happening now? Well, it's been in beta for more than six months.

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Solid Explorer 2.0 Alpha Goes Full Material, And You Can Try It Now

Solid Explorer has long been one of the most popular file managers on Android because of its slick dual-pane UI and extensive feature list. However, the UI isn't what you'd call intuitive. A big material redesign is in the works, and you can test it right now by joining the Google+ community.

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