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Google hits 100% renewable energy goal

Google announced plans in late 2016 to increase its spending on renewable energy. In fact, Google intended to go 100% renewable. Today, Google announced it met the goal last year of matching all of its global energy usage with purchases of renewable energy.

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[Deal Alert] ZeroLemon SolarJuice Chargers Are On Sale At Newegg: 10,000mAh For $28, 20,000mAh For $40

Hey, you! Did you know there's a gigantic ball of burning plasma in the sky that's literally giving away free energy right this second? It's true, there is! Unless it's night time where you live. Then you have to wait for free energy. Unless you have the foresight to store it away during the day with, say, a big honkin' battery. A battery not unlike these huge portable ones from ZeroLemon, those folks who make improbably huge battery replacements for every Samsung and LG phone. They're on sale today over at Newegg.

So the basic gist of these batteries is that you leave them out in the sun to charge up, then charge your phone/tablet/portable can opener with the free power.

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Google Announces Project Sunroof Initiative To Help Cover Your Roof With Solar Panels

All over the world, countries and the people who live in them are looking for ways to tap into renewable energy. Solar power seems like one of the more obvious ways to reduce our environmental impact and maybe even save money, but the process of getting started serves as a deal-breaker for many of us. How much does installation cost, and will it even be worth it?

Since this is 2015, Google is one of the first places we turn to with these questions. Seeing this, Google has announced an initiative that will consolidate this information in one place. It's calling this effort Project Sunroof.

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[Deal Alert] ZeroLemon SolarJuice 10000mAh Battery On Sale For $26 (Down From $50) From Stack Social—Final Day

There's a deal over at StackSocial you might want to take advantage of, but you'll have to hurry. The ZeroLemon SolarJuice 10000mAh Battery is on sale for $26, down from a regular price of $50. The deal on this solar-powered battery is only good for the rest of the day, though.


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[Deal Alert] Touch Of Modern Has Braven Speakers Discounted By Up To Half And A SunJack Solar Charging Fold-Out Thingamajig For $30 Off

Touch of Modern's site is a place where only the cool gadgets are allowed to hang out, and to do so they have to offer some sort of a discount. In the corner of the room there are currently three Braven speakers all vying for attention, and they're discounted by up to half.

Screenshot 2014-08-14 at 4.45.39 PM

At the high end, we have the Braven 710. This speaker is discounted from $169.99 down to $99.99 - $20 lower than Amazon's going price. At the opposite end, we see the Mira priced at $64.99, which also manages to undercut Amazon by $20. In between the two, there's the Braven 570, which sees the largest discount at $49.99, a 50 percent savings.

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