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Verizon LG G5 owners report that the Nougat update is arriving today

Normally we see Verizon post a service alert on its website well before any of its customers receive a new software update on their devices. Today the company seems to be breaking that long habit, but the affected users aren't complaining. According to posts on the dedicated sub-Reddit and XDA forum, the Verizon version of LG's modular G5 is being updated to Android 7.0 starting today. Huzzah, tally ho, three cheers, et cetera.

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[Update: Xperia XZ too] Sony begins its Nougat upgrades with the Xperia X Performance

It's been a few months since Android 7.0 hit the AOSP code repository, and this is about the time of year that owners of non-Nexus (non-Pixel, now) flagships start to ask why their upgrades are taking so long. Well if your flagship just happens to be the latest high-powered Sony smartphone, you're in luck. The Xperia X Performance is receiving its Nougat update starting today, according to XperiaBlog. For the record, that's just a little over three months of waiting for the upgrade - not bad by current Android standards.

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OxygenOS 3.2.8 update rolling out for the OnePlus 3

OnePlus has a Thanksgiving day surprise for owners of the now defunct OnePlus 3. The phone is receiving an incremental update to OxygenOS version 3.2.8, which brings mostly bug fixes while remaining on Marshmallow. The update is on a staged rollout, as per the usual.

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LG starts rolling out Android Nougat update for the G5 in South Korea, other markets to follow

Mark it down, everyone: LG is the second OEM to start the Nougat rollout to its early 2016 phone, the G5. Seeing as the V20 launched with 7.0, LG already had a head start on the update wars this year. The catch here for most of us reading this is that the update is starting in South Korea. The claim is that the rest of the world will see it in the "coming weeks."

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Motorola's list of Nougat updates includes most 2016 phones, plus the Moto X and Droids from 2015

Motorola picked a pretty busy day to release its list of phones that are slated to be upgraded to Android 7.0 - make of that what you will. After previously confirming that the new Moto Z , Moto Z Droid, and Moto G4 lines would be upgraded to Nougat "starting in Q4," a more complete list was published to the company blog today. The list is fairly predictable, with some notable exceptions.

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Motorola says that the Moto Z and G4 lines will get Nougat updates "beginning in Q4"

It's a frequent woe of Android users: you buy that fancy, top-of-the-line phone in the summer or fall, and you just know it's going to take the manufacturer months to get around to releasing the updated software that Google pushes out soon. They tend to issue press releases or Twitter posts promising support for the new update, though dates are typically either absent or vague. Such is the case with Motorola's commitment to Android 7.0 on its latest phones.

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Google's Fiber TV interface gets an Android TV-style overhaul

Google sells fiber Internet access and television service through the Google Fiber brand. Yeah, you might have forgotten that, since the rollout process is about as fast as continental drift, and even if you live in the US odds are overwhelming that you don't have access to it. Google also makes set-top box software called Android TV... which you might also have forgotten, since it's still pretty limited in terms of actual users. Fiber started in 2012, with Android TV starting in 2014, so they've never been running the same software, but they're getting a little closer now.

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HTC promises Android Nougat upgrades for the One M9, One A9, and HTC 10

After this morning's surprise announcement of Android Nougat (comment on the original post to express your displeasure at the name, por favor), HTC wasted no time in using it for a little social media marketing. About an hour later the company posted the tweet below on its official international account, promising an upgrade for the current HTC 10 flagship, last year's One M9, and the sleeker One A9.

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ASUS posts details of the latest ZenWatch 2 update

Earlier this month, the Moto 360 and Moto 360 Sport started getting an update with May's security patches and a couple of Moto Body improvements, while other Wear watches got just the new security updates. And given that almost none of the other manufacturers share their update's details, we didn't know if anything else had changed in their software along with that.

Now ASUS has posted the release notes for its ZenWatch 2 update to software version MWD59,MWD48B. There's nothing groundbreaking here, but if you own this speaker-enabled and yet slightly cheap watch, you'll be happy to read about the different improvements along with the option to view the Peek card in ASUS' own watchfaces.

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Sprint's HTC 10 gets an over-the-air update to improve its camera and bump security

Today's update to the Sprint model of the HTC 10 includes one and only one change, according to the log on Sprint's support page. "Bug Fixes - includes Camera enhancements" is the only line on note. According to the post the update is version 1.80.651.1, the same one mentioned on this HTC page, which means that it also includes the AOSP security updates for both May and June. The RUU for the update, which weighs in at a hefty 1.8GB, is available for manual flashing.

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