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The HTC One Max Is Being Updated To Android 5.0 In Some European And Asian Territories

HTC seems to have forgotten about its sole entrant into the "phablet" market - they haven't released anything as large as the 5.9-inch One Max since its debut way back in 2013. But presumably the people who own it still like it, or at least use it, so the news that HTC is finally updating the device to Android 5.0 should be welcome. Numerous users have started receiving the Lollipop OTA as evidenced by posts to Twitter and XDA-Developers.

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[OTA Download] New Cyanogen OS 12 Build For The OnePlus One Fixes Touchscreen And Bluetooth Issues

OnePlus One owners, have you been having problems with touchscreen sensitivity on your phone? How about the Bluetooth connection in your car stereo? Any issues with sending MMS texts through the default app? At least some of you have, and the latest release of Cyanogen OS is meant to fix all three.

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AT&T's Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4 Gets Android 5.0 In Its Latest OTA

The bigger brother of Samsung's super-premium tablet offerings has already been blessed with Lollipop on AT&T, so now it's the smaller version's turn. Galaxy Tab S 8.4 owners on Ma Bell should be getting an Android 5.0 over-the-air update starting today, at least according to AT&T's support page. Technically it's Android 5.0.2, but who's counting?

Update summary

Effective June 16, 2015, AT&T has released a software update for the Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4 (SM-T707) .

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The Latest SHIELD Android TV Update Adds 4K Support For Photos & Videos App, Better GameStream Performance, And More

NVIDIA's SHIELD Android TV box has only been available for a few weeks, and it's already getting its over-the-air update. This one improves a handful of the SHIELD's app functions and its accessories. Notably, software build 1.2 enables 4K output in Google's Photos & Videos app, provided of course that you have a 4K TV to view them on. According to the changelog it also improves streaming performance for both Netflix and Google Play Movies.

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Amazon Echo Update Adds Support For Select IFTTT Voice Triggers And Audible Playback

Amazon's HAL 9000-style voice controlled gadget thing, the Echo, (yes, that's the best way to describe it in a single sentence) is gaining more capabilities with each software update. If you can get over the creepy implications of that, it's amazingly cool. The latest update adds the capability to interact with user recipes from the popular IFFT (If This, Then That) web service. At the moment it's mostly requests for music, to-do functions, and connected gadgets.


The practicality of this is dependent upon which recipes you've created or imported. The example from Amazon's promotional email is an Alexa song request that's automatically funneled through IFTTT and shared on Facebook.

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Verizon's Prepaid Version Of The Moto E (Second Generation) Updated To Android 5.1

Hey Verizon, you do know that your flagship and completely exclusive DROID Turbo is still running on Android 4.4, right? Right? That being the case, does it seem a little odd that the cheapest of the Moto line, the Moto E, which is only sold to pre-paid Verizon customers, now runs the latest version of Android? No? Well OK, then. If you have the second-gen version of the Moto E, expect an update sometime in the next few days. If you have a DROID Turbo, buy a Moto E.


Verizon's notes on Lollipop 5.1 don't mention anything out of the ordinary for the update, which shouldn't surprise you, since Motorola's cheaper phones run a version of Android that's almost completely stock.

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Verizon's LG G Pad 7.0 Gets Its Lollipop Over-The-Air Update


T-Mobile Updates Its Xperia Z3 To Lollipop, Throws In Band 12 LTE Support For Good Measure

Most over-the-air updates include a few bug fixes, maybe a new bloatware app or two, and are thus not really worth getting excited over. Not so for the latest addition to T-Mobile's customized version of the Sony Xperia Z3. In addition to the long-awaited upgrade to Android 5.0, today's update flips a software switch that enables access to band 12, the 700MHz spectrum that T-Mobile began using for LTE earlier this year. If the prospect of wider, faster LTE for your phone doesn't make you excited for an update, I don't know what will.

Beginning June 3, the Sony Xperia Z3 will have a mandatory software update to Android version 5.0.2/ Build 23.1.C.0.385 available via OTA push or Sony PC Companion over Wi-Fi only.

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US Cellular Version Of The Galaxy Tab S 10.5 Gets Its Lollipop (5.0.2) OTA Update

Samsung's latest and most advanced tablet series is the Galaxy Tab S. That's kind of amazing when you consider the company's previous rate of releasing new tablets, and that the Tab S 8.4 and Tab S 10.5 were released almost a year ago. But I suppose it's nice if you happen to have one, so Samsung is more motivated to release faster updates. Today the Galaxy Tab S 10.5 on US Cellular gets its Android 5.0 update.

The update information was just posted to Samsung's support site, with a release date marked as today. So the update itself (version T807R4TYUBOE5, Android 5.0.2, if you're wondering) may or may not actually go out over US Cellular's network immediately.

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[Update: Factory Image And OTA Links] As Indicated, Android Build LMY47Z Is Now Heading To Nexus 6 Phones On Sprint

Got a Nexus 6? Are you using it on Sprint? Then don't be surprised if you see an over-the-air update come sometime in the next few days. Sprint's support site had officially listed build LMY47Z, indicating that it's either going out to Nexus 6 owners now or will be in the very near future. The existence of this particular build was leaked last week.


Don't get too excited.

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