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Samsung Money debit card now available, and comes with a few perks

We are quite used to tech companies handling our money through apps like Google Pay and Samsung Pay. But what about having your phone maker issue you a credit card?It sounded a bit much when Apple came out with its own, but apparently the Apple Card was enticing enough for Samsung to follow suit and announce its own version a couple of months back. As the company promised back then, the Samsung Money-branded debit card is now landing in the US, offering users quite a few perks and usage benefits.

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Samsung shares more information on its debit card, launching in the US this summer

Following in Apple's footsteps, Samsung recently announced that it wants to introduce its own debit card. Today, the company has finally shared more information on that enterprise, calling it Samsung Money by SoFi as it's backed by said institution (which notably isn't a bank, as it states itself). The account-fee-free service is slated to launch "later this summer" in the US and will offer higher-than-average interest rates and rewards for saving money.

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