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Founder Of 4chan, Chris 'moot' Poole Joins Google Social Team

If you've never heard of or seen 4chan, you must be new to the internet and still unspoiled. I don't recommend you visit that particular hive of scum and villainy, but a great many people do spend a lot of time there. The founder of 4chan, one Chris Poole, has just made a big career change. He's now working at Google on the social team.

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Twitter Adds GIF Search, Plus Videos In Direct Messages

Twitter has made some less than popular decisions in the past, but who can really argue with GIFs? GIFs are great, and now you can add them to your posts more easily. Or rather, you will be able to soon. In different moving picture news, videos are coming to direct messages.

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Facebook Is Rolling Out A New Notification Tab With More Personalized Info

Facebook is about to put more things in the notification tab of your Android app. Note, that doesn't mean you're any more popular. If anything, less so. Facebook will start including notifications based on the people, pages, and locations you're connected to in this tab.

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Google+ v5.4 Begins Rollout In Preparation For New Collections Feature [APK Download]

A few days ago, we posted about a new Google+ feature called Collections expected to launch in early May. An update to the social network's app appeared earlier today, and while it probably won't produce any noticeable changes to the interface for most of us, it's packing everything Google needs to begin rolling out Collections to everybody. There are also some reports that a few people are already gaining access to Collections a little earlier than expected without being a part of the initial test group.

A quick teardown reveals a couple hundred new strings, some new activities, and even a few custom images (seen above).

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Nuzzel Builds A News Feed Out Of What Your Friends Read, Has Just Released An Android App

Do you ever feel like there's a lot of interesting news shared by your friends on Facebook and Twitter, but you can't possibly read it all or figure out what's most relevant? I don't blame you. Nuzzel is a unique kind of news aggregator that creates an easier to manage feed based on what your friends have shared. After about a year on the web and iOS, Nuzzel has finally made its way to the Play Store.

Screenshot_2015-03-26-16-14-55 Screenshot_2015-03-26-16-14-59 Screenshot_2015-03-26-16-15-15

Nuzzel is fairly easy to use and is a nice balance of simplicity and configurability. You can organize the feed by popularity or recency in addition to specifying the time period it looks through.

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Flipboard Updated To v3.2 With Collaborative Magazine Creation, One-Step Twitter Sign-In, And More

Flipboard allows you to create a constantly changing news magazine from your social feeds, and it's getting a little bit more social today with the update to v3.2. This update makes it possible to share a magazine with other people, get their attention on Twitter, and more right from the app.

2015-03-19 10.19.57 2015-03-19 10.21.27 2015-03-19 10.20.31

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[I Know What You Did Last Tuesday] Blinq Overlays Your Contacts' Social Updates On Top Of Your Messaging Conversations

Oh my. This is creepy. And cool. Very cool. It has stalker-like potential and unequivocal convenience. But I'm getting ahead of myself.

Imagine you get a message from a contact, through SMS, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, or other apps. You start talking to said contact and they go on blabbering about some very important event that happened in their life. You haven't the faintest idea what that is because, let's face it, you do not have the luxury of spending your entire day checking Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Plus, between all these networks, you follow a thousand people at least, so do they all expect you to keep up with their dog's latest trim and their baby's first burp?

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AOL Starlike Creates A Feed Of Your Friends' Favorite Posts From Facebook, Twitter, And Linkedin

Do you trust the judgement of your internet-friends? Then maybe you want to keep track of their favorite stuff on social networks with Starlike, a new app from AOL. It generates a feed from Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin of posts that are marked as favorites by your friends.

2015-01-15 10.23.02 2015-01-15 10.25.24 2015-01-15 10.25.56

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Twitter Co-Founder Biz Stone Launches Opinion Sharing App 'SUPER' With ALL THE CAPS LOCK YOU CAN HANDLE

Everyone has an opinion, but is anyone going to listen to yours if it doesn't include a funky picture and caps lock? Hell no. That's why SUPER is here. It's an odd little app from Biz Stone (famous for co-founding Twitter) and his startup Jelly Industries.

1 2 3

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AutoDesk 123D Catch Uses Dozens Of Photos To Create Interactive 3D Models Of Whatever You Want

Autodesk's mobile offerings for Android are almost always impressive or useful, often both. From SketchBook to Pixlr Express, the company has consistently provided Android users with great apps. Today, there's a new entry in Autodesk's catalog that lives up to that reputation - 123D Catch. In a nutshell, the app lets users create 3D models of real objects using just their smartphone camera.

To get started, the app suggests capturing 20-40 photos all around your chosen object, most at even level with the object, plus some from a top angle. The capture interface gives a handy ring guide to let you know how completely you've captured the object, and once you hit the check mark, the app will ask you to sign in in order to put together and share the finished model.

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