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Snapchat for Android now lets you send 60-second 'multi-snap' videos

For anyone who still uses Snapchat, recording and sharing video clips is probably a large part of the experience. Before now, it's only been possible to record videos of up to 10 seconds in length, as this kind of ties in with Snapchat's whole brevity thing. As the app struggles for relevance and searches for new ways to engage with its users, it's decided to allow longer videos.

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Instagram adds two-option polls to Stories because otherwise you'll never know if people like you

Sure, you're out there every day, posting Instagram Stories and generally oversharing with the world. But... does anyone like what you're doing? If only there were a way to collect the opinions of friends and internet acquaintances via your Stories. Well, now there is with the new two-option polls in Instagram Stories.

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Apple Music 2.2 adds user profiles and integrates better with Android: OK Google voice search, app shortcuts, one more widget

Apple Music had a lot of promise when it launched, but the app didn't stick well with the times, especially on Android. It seemed as if the developers behind it just didn't want to bother with anything specific to the Android platform, preferring to stick with the basic features and not making use of all the APIs that were available to them. But with the last release of v2.2, it looks like Apple Music is finally realizing some of its potential on our beloved platform.

But before we focus on that, the headline here is the addition of user profiles so you can now share your favorite music and playlists with friends and discover what they've shared as well.

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Instagram adds support for archiving posts

Instagram makes it easy to share your photos. So easy, in fact, that you might share things you later regret. You don't have to delete those posts anymore, though. Starting now, Instagram has an archiving option.

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Twitch announces Pulse, a feed for keeping up with streamers and friends

One of the problems content creators face is keeping their followers/subscribers informed. YouTube solved this with the Community tab, allowing some channels to create text posts that show up on the main subscriptions feed. Now Twitch has unveiled Pulse, allowing streamers to better interact with their followers, and vice-versa.

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Google+ adds Quick Insights, allows users to check statistics on post engagement

Many social networks allow users to check a wide range of statistics, including post engagement and follower count. Today a similar feature makes its way to Google+, in the form of Quick Insights.

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Instagram Stories get support for Boomerang videos, mentions, and links

Everyone likes a story, right? What about an Instagram Story? I don't know, at least some people like those. Today, Instagram is adding a few new features to its Stories feature, including Boomerang videos. Yeah, that's a whole separate app, but now it's built-in too.

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Facebook at Work is now Workplace by Facebook, available for all companies

Over a year ago, Facebook began testing their internal communication tool, Facebook at Work, with a number of organizations. Not only has Facebook renamed the platform to 'Workplace by Facebook,' they are finally publicly releasing it. Starting today, any company can use Workplace.

In the same vein as Google+ for Work, Workplace tries to adapt social networks for internal use at businesses. Facebook's news feed, search, trending posts, live video, and more have all made the jump. Workplace also features unlimited file, photo, and video storage, monitoring tools, team and project groups, and Single-sign on (SSO) support. Integration with G Suite (the new name for Google Apps for Work), Okta, OneLogin, Ping, and Windows Azure AD is also supported.

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[Update: It's official] Longer tweets on Twitter are coming September 19

Back in May, Twitter revealed they were changing the way their tweet character limit worked. Currently everything you can shove in a tweet - text, media, polls, etc - counts towards the 140-character limit. Twitter has not revealed the exact date this change is coming, but The Verge believes it will be September 19.

The change will go into effect for images, GIFs, polls, and videos, although The Verge is unsure if it will all happen at once or over a gradual period.

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YouTube is testing new Community feature for supplementary content

I'll admit, YouTube has added some strange features lately, and at first glance this seemed like yet another useless addition. Starting with a few select channels, a new 'Community' tab will appear on the channel's profile, both on mobile apps and the desktop site. This essentially works like a social feed for the channel, allowing content creators to share text, images, GIFs, livestreams, and more straight through the YouTube app. You can even choose to receive push notifications for Community posts.

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