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Instagram will improve its terrible feed by showing newer posts at the top

Instagram made the switch to a non-chronological feed a while back, and many users are still unhappy with it. Today, Instagram says it's rolling out some changes to make the feed less terrible. Well, Instagram didn't call the feed "terrible," but that seems to be the consensus outside the company. Soon, you'll see newer posts near the top and have more control over refreshing.

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The Facebook Watch video section could get news starting this summer

Rumors from inside Facebook suggest the social network is looking to roll out news content to its video section this summer. The previously announced Facebook Watch platform features video content created for Facebook. The news videos will apparently come from traditional publishers, as well as online-focused ones. This leak also includes some details on what that content will look like.

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Facebook will allow select companies and organizations to post in 'Community Help' during a crisis

Facebook rolled out a special Community Help section last year to do some good during a crisis. It's intended as a way for users to offer assistance to each other including food, shelter, and so on. Now, Facebook is going to let certain businesses and organizations post in Community Help to do the same.

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Twitter made money for the first time ever last quarter

Twitter was founded in March 2006—almost 12 years ago. In all that time, it never made a penny in profit until just last quarter. Twitter's Q4 2017 results show the company made $91 million. That's up from a $21.1 million loss in the previous quarter.

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Instagram adds 'Type' mode to Stories

Instagram Stories are getting a new feature today, and it's called Type mode. From the name, you might guess that it has something to do with text, and you'd be right. It's a way to add stylized text to your Story, and it doesn't require a photo or video.

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Twitter trying new share button on Android in server-side test

Twitter is no stranger to server-side tests, and now the company appears to have another in the wings. AP's own Artem noticed a bit of a tweak in Twitter for Android in recent days, with a new three-dot share button appearing at the bottom of tweets. All the sharing options previously present in the arrow menu to a tweet's top right have been relocated to this button, and the previous "send privately" option is now gone. 

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Facebook will use facial recognition technology to alert you when you show up in someone's photo

Everyone has a camera in their pocket now, and they all have places to post those photos on the internet. If you're a little sensitive about how often you show up in pics on the internet, Facebook has a new privacy tool that may interest you. Using facial recognition technology, Facebook can alert you to any photos in which you're visible regardless of whether or not you've been tagged.

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Instagram is testing a standalone messaging app called Direct

Remember how upset people were when Facebook started requiring everyone to install the separate Messenger app? Now Instagram is going down the same road, or it's at least strongly considering it. Instagram is testing a new app called Direct that replaces the messaging inbox from the main app and builds an experience around it. The new app is only available in a few countries so far, but it could be rolled out widely later.

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You can now 'remix' direct Instagram photo messages and send them back

Direct messages in Instagram are a good way of sharing photos more privately with friends and relatives. As part of the version 24 update, an extra layer of creativity has been added to the process as you can remix photos you've received before sending them back.

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Twitter is rolling out the 280 character limit to everyone

Twitter has always been limited to 140 characters, which is a holdover from its days as an SMS service. However, earlier this year Twitter started making noise about potentially raising that limit. It began testing an expanded 280 character limit in September, and now that feature is rolling out to everyone. Worried? Twitter says don't sweat it.

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