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Wikipedia co-founder created an ad-free social network that wants to be a better Facebook[citation needed]

All major social networks are financed by advertising and thus free to users who trade access to their data for cat videos and sometimes questionable news content. Wikipedia co-founder and internet entrepreneur Jimmy Wales wants to change that. He is currently rolling out his donation-based "news focused social network" WT.Social to people interested in high-quality journalism and productive discussions.

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Twitter announces new tools for filtering, muting, and reducing harassment

Twitter has always been a little more... unregulated than other social networks, but it's gotten a bit more toxic in the last year or two. The company has today announced some tools that could make it more tolerable. Twitter will proactively tackle abusive behavior even when it's not reported, and the app will gain some new tools to make it easier to sweep unpleasant tweets under the virtual rug.

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[Update: It's Live] Lyft Introduces 'Profiles,' A Social Networking Feature For Riders And Drivers To Connect Over Mutual Interests And Friends

Have you ever summoned a ride on Lyft and thought, "I wish I could connect with my driver on a deeper level?" If so, get excited because Lyft Profiles is an upcoming feature to the app to allow you and your driver to get to know one another better. If that isn't such an exciting thought, well, it might not be too bad. For as questionable of an idea it may be, nobody will be forced into divulging conversation starters just to use the service.


The inspiration purportedly comes from their experience with Lyft Line, a service that is a little more like carpooling than cabbing.

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[APK Teardown] Google Search v4.1 Hints At Notifications Read Aloud, Project Hera, Social Networking, And A Whole Lot More

Google's developers took a couple of weeks off for the holidays – or from my perspective, they gave me a couple of weeks to rest – but now they're back and it's time for the app updates to resume. Naturally, it's time to breathe life back into the teardowns, and we're back with a big one. Google Search v4.1 began rolling out to users yesterday, and we've already seen quite a few little adjustments and improvements. After plenty of digging, a stack of additional changes have surfaced, including one that is already live, and several more just waiting for some finishing touches.

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[Hands-On] Ark Mail Can Pull Up The Social Network Profiles Of Anyone Who Emails You, It Just Isn't Very Good At It

We see new email clients enter the Play Store all the time, so what sets Ark Mail apart? This app's claim to fame is its ability to pull up the social profiles of anyone who sends you an email. This process currently requires users to hop out of their email app, do a web search, and filter through results that may or may not show the correct person. Ark Mail brings this entire process in-app, and it boasts that it will pull up precisely the right contact.

ArkMail5 ArkMail6 ArkMail7ArkMail8 ArkMail9 ArkMail10

Here's A Little Background

The highlight of Ark Mail isn't the app's functionality but the Ark Social API that powers it.

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