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13 is shutting down on March 14, source code will be put on GitHub, caused quite a splash when it launched in 2012, with its ad-free, subscription-genereated revenue model causing waves in the industry, at a time when many were worried about Twitter's increasing reliance on advertising to make money. However, the founders announced today that the service will be shutting down on 14 March, with user signups suspended immediately.

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Twitter announces muting keywords, phrases, and conversations in notifications, as well as new reporting functionality

Twitter took to its company blog today to talk about abuse. It's no secret that Twitter has done a less-than-stellar job at preventing abuse on its social network for a while now. In fact, continued harassment on the platform was likely a primary reason companies like Disney neglected to purchase Twitter. Now the company has announced three changes it hopes will more effectively reduce harassment.

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Android has an official Instagram account now, complete with obligatory food pictures

Do you love to #engage with your favorite #brands on social media? Android already has a Google Plus page and a Twitter account, but now there is an official Instagram account as well. With the username @android (as you might expect), the only upload so far is the above six-image collage.

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[Update: It's official] Longer tweets on Twitter are coming September 19

Back in May, Twitter revealed they were changing the way their tweet character limit worked. Currently everything you can shove in a tweet - text, media, polls, etc - counts towards the 140-character limit. Twitter has not revealed the exact date this change is coming, but The Verge believes it will be September 19.

The change will go into effect for images, GIFs, polls, and videos, although The Verge is unsure if it will all happen at once or over a gradual period.

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The Smart Cube Gives DSLR Cameras The Ability To Run Android Apps, Promises To Reshape The Photo-Taking Experience

There's a reason the world has transitioned to HDTVs. It's not that there was anything wrong with the concept of the television, it's just that the old giant boxes that occupied so much space in our homes were entirely the wrong shape for the task at hand. A giant cube with an antenna is a design that begs to be portable in a way televisions never have been. That's why the form-factor needed to move into a new market, and that's what makes the Smart Cube such a good idea. Not only will this box make your camera smarter, it draws its inspiration from the true innovators that came before it.

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Lost In The Crowd: Echofon Review

While there seems to be no shortage of Twitter clients on the Google Play store, they all seem to be a mixed bag of different features and reliability. Some will do push, while others are free; some won't do notifications, and some animations are downright sluggish. Sadly, unless you have the time to go through every app to see which one fits the best, you'll likely need to settle for "close enough."

Echofon looks to add one more to the pile with the beta of their popular client. As a user of Echofon on iOS, I can say that they've definitely crafted something good over there, but at the moment their foray into Android seems a bit perplexing.

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