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Keen from Google's Area 120 is yet another AI-powered Pinterest wannabe

If you're looking to get into a hobby or accomplish a goal, you might turn to places like Etsy and Pinterest for some inspiration. Google's experimental Area 120 workshop launched an earnest attempt at becoming such a source mere days ago with Tangi. Now, that team has come together with the company's People and Artificial Intelligence Research group to make something more akin to a Pinterest-Reddit hybrid called Keen.

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Twitter is adding voice recording tweets to the official app

Twitter started with a mere 140 characters per tweet—barely enough to work yourself into a lather. Little by little, Twitter has expanded the capacity of tweets by exempting images and boosting the character count to 280. Now, Twitter is expanding into spoken words. The iOS app will soon have support for recording your voice, and it will automatically run into multiple tweets.

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Signal rolls out automatic face blurring tool in its photo editor (APK Download)

Privacy-focused messaging app Signal could make blurring faces out from an image as easy as a few taps. Its developers are rolling out an update that features the new editing tool.

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Facebook rolling out helpful tool for archiving or deleting old posts

If you're like me, you've probably grown up with social media. You've also probably grown up enough to recognize some of your posts don't show the best side of you. With an easily traceable digital paper trail, you might not want those out in the public square. Facebook has made some attempt at letting users manage the visibility of their past posts — if only in very wide strokes — but is now rolling out a comprehensive tool called Manage Activity.

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Trump executive order targets social platforms for 'editorial conduct' in moderation

U.S. President Donald Trump will reportedly sign an executive order as early as today that would modify Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act — a critical law that protects online platforms that moderate or censor offensive content from charges such as libel and First Amendment violations. The order appears tailored to hurt the largest platforms like Facebook and Twitter the most.

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TikTok’s Play Store rating back up to 4+ stars after Google removed more than 8 million negative reviews

TikTok was hit by a swarm of negative reviews in India following a dispute between local YouTube creators and TikTok influencers, which brought down the app's Play Store rating to an average of only 1.2 stars. Since these reviews aren't representative or related to the quality of the application itself, Google decided to remove the vast majority, bumping the social network back up to 4.4 stars.

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TikTok rating plummets to 2.0 stars as an Indian YouTuber's fanbase orchestrates one-star campaign

TikTok is a platform that sparks a lot of controversies and is currently dealing with a US investigation concerned with censorship and security issues. Now, another problem is on the rise for the platform, and it's a prime example of how quickly online communities can grow toxic. In what appears to be some form of war between some Indian YouTubers' fans and popular TikTokers, the app has been caught in the crossfire and is receiving low rating after low rating. It's already down to an average of 2.0 when it sat at about 4.5 stars only a few days ago.

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Facebook acquires Giphy, plans to fully integrate GIFs into Instagram

Facebook has acquired GIPHY, a social platform centered around GIFs. Axios is reporting from sources that the company paid $400 million in the deal.

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EE phone masts in UK suffer 22 new attacks over Easter from anti-5G campaigners

The coronavirus pandemic, as with most major global events, has inspired a number of conspiracy theories that are in no way supported by scientific fact. Assuming COVID-19 isn't the invention of Bill Gates, another fanciful theory asserts that 5G networks are in some way to blame. It's natural to dismiss this type of tin foil thinking as mostly harmless, but things have now escalated to the point where three 5G masts in the UK have been attacked, with arson by conspiracy theorists named as the probable cause.

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