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Samsung just trademarked "Uhssup" as the name of an upcoming location-sharing social app for peak trendiness

Some of you might recall the "suh dude" meme that became popular around this time of year... two years ago. It seems like the execs over at Samsung watched a compilation or two of that, ultimately deciding that "Uhssup" would be popular with the urban crowd and trademarking the name in Europe and Asia. You know, before anyone else could take this glorious idea.

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[Update: Live] Nintendo's Miitomo App Set To Launch In The United States On March 31st

Nintendo is taking its sweet time in making its Miitomo app available to us US Americans. But the waiting, in so much as there has been waiting for a glorified Nintendo-only social network, is almost over. After a bit of exclusivity in Japan, the app is set to go live in the United States and "several other countries" on Thursday, March 31st. Want to know which other countries? So do we. Update: the UK, Ireland, France, Belgium, Germany, Austria, Luxembourg, Spain, Italy, Netherlands, Russia, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, and Canada.

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Facebook Adds Tools That Let You Unfriend Your Romantic Ex Without Actually Unfriending Them

The rise of social networks has generally been a boon to people everywhere... and I'm going to keep believing that no matter how many times I have to point my relatives to a Snopes article. But there's no denying that it's also become more complicated. Facebook is trying out some new tools specifically aimed at making using the service easier, or at least more comfortable, following the end of a romantic relationship.

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Who's Down, A New Invite-Only Google App, Lets Your Friends Know When You're Available

There have been fewer and fewer new Google apps as the company expands into every conceivable web and mobile market, but they still manage to surprise us every now and then. The latest Google app is called Who's Down, and it's a strangely specific social tool. Basically it's an all-purpose "available" button. Slide the toggle from on to off, and anyone you've connected with can tell that you're available for... whatever. You can select specific activities you'd like to take part in, see which friends are also "down," and chat with them in an integrated message service.

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[New App] Swarm From Foursquare Really Wants You To Meet Up With Your Friends

Loosely speaking, Foursquare has always been a sort of social network, but the company is looking to get a lot more social with their new app. Instead of focusing on the relationship between businesses and customers, Swarm is all about you and your friends. Everything contained within is focused on getting groups together.... though if you did so at a local bar or cafe, Foursquare probably wouldn't mind.

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There are three components to Swarm: a Facebook/Twitter-style news feed, a standard messaging system, and a social map. The former is pretty obvious, showing events and short posts from your friends, which can include other tagged users.

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