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[Root access optional] Philips Sonicare's smart toothbrush app sinks its teeth into the Play Store

Never has the expression "put your money where your mouth is" been more accurate as it is with the Philips Sonicare Flexcare Platinum toothbrush. This mouthful of a name designates a smart toothbrush made by Philips that is electric, with sonic technology for up to 31000 strokes per minute, and Bluetooth to connect to your smartphone, and which costs a mouth-foaming, jaw-dropping, tongue-biting, teeth-gritting, $180. Unless you're born with a silver spoon in your mouth, this is a bitter pill to swallow, but you can grab it for $160 on Amazon now, with an additional $20 off from a coupon clip that applies at checkout — you should know the drill by now.

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[Here We Goat Again] Goat Simulator Waste Of Space Takes You On An Intergalactic Mission

Goat time for one more adventure? You've seen the buggy side of Goat Simulator, you've played through the zombie apocalypse in GoatZ, and you've simulated a simulator simulation or something inception'y of the sorts in MMO Simulator, now you have to get ready for one more adventure with your favorite animal and what's even better is that it takes place at the final frontier.

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[No More Nvy] Android N-ify Xposed Module Brings N Features To Your Lollipop And Marshmallow Device

Feeling Nvious? I Nderstand. But I have to warn you: with Google I/O kicking off in a few hours, you'll bet that we'll hear more about N than we have in the past months and your situation is only going to get more Nsufferable.

If you're rooted though and you have flashed Xposed onto your device, there's something Nteresting for you to try. Android N-ify is a module you can grab for your Lollipop and Marshmallow device to make it look and feel a little more like N. The module has been available since March, and has been getting different updates to add more features with time.

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Samsung's Galaxy Surfboard Paddles The Line Of Awesome To Ridiculous

Samsung is always trying to make waves with its publicity stunts and outrageous ideas. This latest one though is fin-tastic. The company actually built a surfboard with a hidden Galaxy S7 drawer and LED lights for professional surfer Gabriel Medina to tide him over while he's facing the waves alone and away from his coach and fans.

The Galaxy Surfboard lights up with live conditions of the sea, like wind directions, height and speed of the waves, and pops up messages from his coach so he can stay on board with his training plan. The idea might seem like it came out of the bottom of the barrel, but it's actually pretty cool, even if it is a special one-time thing for Medina.

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[Missed Steak] Allthecooks Rebrands As Cookpad, Dumps Allthethings Users Loved About The Original App

Whenever a service we use gets bought by another company, we're always filled with hope and anxiety over its fate. It could either be a case of growth and improvements or a slow dwindling descent into irrelevance. I'm afraid Allthecooks may start falling into the latter category if its new owners don't react swiftly to the criticism of their most loyal users.

Allthecooks has long been among the most beautiful and capable recipe and cookbook apps on Android. It got acquired by the Japanese-born Cookpad service toward the end of 2013 and since then, it got an interface redesign and a name change to Cookpad Recipes, but almost everything else remained the same up until a few days ago.

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[Soapractical] Kyocera Makes A Hot Water And Soap Washable Phone And I Have 10 Urgent Questions About It

Are you bored of the endless parade of touchscreen slabs that smartphones have become? Do you want a new idea, a strike of genius, something to foam at the mouth for? Then look no further than the Japanese market. The companies there are just scrubbing every assumption we have and building weird products to appeal to their awesome and quirky market, like this Kyocera DIGNO rafre. Let's pretend that we all know how this name is pronounced and move on to the highlight feature of the phone: it's hot water and soap washable.

For realsies.

So many questions. So, so many questions!

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HowHigh Is Like Foursquare For Stoners, Complete With A "Buzzed" Badge And "Vouching" For Your Weed Buds

HowHigh are you? Oops. Hi, how are you? You'll have to forgive me, I'm a lil' buzzed right now, nothing illegal I swear, I have glaucoma and the doctor prescribed this herbal cure. Natural stuff he swore. But each time I take it, I get high-strung and paranoid, a pot. Lot. I said lot. This sounds so bong. DAMMIT, wrong. And sometimes it feels like I'm on a spinning wheel and... HAHAHAHAHAHA! Did I say spinning weed? That's funny. Billion dollar idea. A board game with weed types and you take whatever the wheel lands on. Tag line: It lights up so you light up.

I need to write this shit down.

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Because Your Phone Works Way Too Hard, You Should Let It Rest In This Ridiculous $99 Sofa And Ottoman Called, Ehm, "Phoniture"

There comes a point in any phone's life when it just wants to put its futon a couch and rest for the night. It has worked an entire day and it deserves to be a lazy boy after all those tweets, messages, photos, calls, and the millions of other things you made it do. If you have no Ikea what I'm talking about, you should go check out Phoniture, seriously, you otto-man. It may look like a regular couch stand for your phone, but trust me, it gets way bedder.

It's a wireless Bluetooth speaker, a microphone, and a cradle. There are a bunch of cables involved and the detachable ottoman's battery life only lasts 3.5 hours for Bluetooth music playback — you can't escape these two deap-seated problems.

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[Happy Feet] These Smart Shoes From Lenovo Will Tell The World How You Feel If Your Face Isn't Enough

If today has taught us anything, it's that Lenovo doesn't like keeping its feet on the ground. The company's crazy concepts and ideas department, which is obviously not getting along on a shoestring, hasn't been dragging its feet in the last year. It has just unveiled a new Smart Cast phone concept, a Magic View smartwatch prototype, and now it's time for the other shoe to drop — literally.

See, usually humans use their face to convey their mood and expressions to the world, but if most people are goody two-shoes who walk with their head tilted down to avoid looking at others in the eyes, you have to find another way to get their attention.

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[Cattitude] For Nap Cats Watch Face, It's Always Nap'O'Clock

You're not alone. We all feel the catrocious weight of our daily grind, from early meowning until late evening, and by the time the clock strikes a dozin' bells, we're ready to roll over on our work stations and catipulate. Evidence supporting:


But if you're in pussyssion of an Android Wear watch and you find yourself kitten tired the entire time, you'll deem this very nappropriate. It has pastail colored lazy cat doodles fur every day of the week, with hours labeled as naps, some in catslock and others in lower cats.


This siestacular face works on both circular and square watches and comes with a darkly catmospheric ambient mode.

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