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Tencent is bringing a new Metal Slug game to mobile, and it actually looks decent

SNK and Tencent recently announced a new Metal Slug game for mobile, and it will be developer by TiMi Studios, an incredibly hot Tencent subsidiary that worked on Call of Duty Mobile, and is also currently working on Pokémon Unite. So far we know that the upcoming arcade shooter is tentatively named Metal Slug Code: J (as a placeholder), and so all we have to share right now is a teaser trailer that contains a minute of pure gameplay, and despite what you're thinking, Metal Slug Code: J actually looks like a competent successor in the Metal Slug series.

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The Humble NEOGEO Bundle Walks Out With The King Of Fighters From 1997, A Couple Metal Slugs, And Other SNK Friends Underneath A Blazing Star

Humble Bundle has unveiled its latest selection of games, and this time it has partnered with SNK to produce a selection of ports that first appeared on the Neo Geo. We're talking The King of Fighters. We're talking Metal Slug. We're talking Blazing Star, Fatal Fury, Garou: Mark of the Wolves, and Samurai Shodown II.


SNK games may go on sale in the Play Store every now and then, but this still marks one of the cheapest ways to get your hand on all of these titles. $1 gets you one The King of Fighters title, two Metal Slugs, Blazing Star, and Garou: Mark of the Wolves.

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SNK Releases A Deluxe, Paid Version Of 'Beast Busters Featuring KOF' That's Stripped Of The Annoying Free-To-Play Elements

Beast Busters may not be as well-known as some of SNK's other franchises (i.e. The King of Fighters and Metal Slug), but it's older than both. The series first appeared in 1989, and it has since been eclipsed by other entrants in the light gun shooter genre. Watching the trailer for Beast Busters featuring KOF Deluxe will probably have you thinking of The House of the Dead.

Beast Busters featuring KOF came to Android at the end of 2014 as a free-to-play title bogged down by an energy system and in-app purchases. What makes the new version deluxe? It costs $2.99 and, according to SNK, no longer requires any additional payments to complete.

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[Deal Alert] SNK Playmore Puts Its Paid Games On Sale For 99 Cents To Celebrate The Neo Geo's 25th Anniversary

SNK Playmore has released no shortage of ports into the Play Store, and now it's putting all of them on sale for 99 cents. Well, just the paid ones. Some were already available for free. The company is doing this in honor of the Neo Geo's 25th-ish anniversary, a gaming console SNK released towards the end of 1990, which eventually served as a home to many of these titles.

Screenshot 2015-04-24 at 3.44.56 PM

If you aren't already familiar with SNK Playmore's titles, you have Metal Slugs, a number of fighters, and a shoot 'em up by the name of Blazing Star. The selection has changed a little since the last time we saw SNK Playmore run this sale.

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SNK Playmore Hits Android With A Fatal Fury Special, Walks Away With $3.99

Most of the games in the Play Store from SNK Playmore are related to The King of Fighters and Metal Slug franchises, but these are far from the only ones the company has produced over the years. Fighting game fans in particular have been able to enjoy Samurai Shodown II, along with an entry in the Fatal Fury series—Garou: Mark of the Wolves. Now the company has released the arcade hit Fatal Fury Special into the Play Store as well.

Fatal Fury Special has been around since 1993, making this the time to celebrate its 25th anniversary.

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In SNK's Free-To-Play Beast Busters, the King Of Fighters Gang Moonlight As Lightgun Zombie Hunters

Zombie games are not novel. In fact at this point, they're about as far from "novel" as you can get before slipping right off the treacherous slopes of ironic reference. But SNK's latest mobile game Best Busters actually manages to infuse some new ideas into the zombie shooter genre, and pull it off with the developer's signature anime style. Now if only they could do so without falling into the trappings of free-to-play mobile games...

Best Busters is a gallery-style shooter - I'd call it a lightgun game if lightguns actually existed for mobile platforms. Your character stands perfectly still as "Beasts" (zombies) slowly advance.

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SNK Re-Releases The King Of Fighters 2012 For Free To Celebrate The Series' 20th Anniversary

SNK's The King of Fighters series has been around since 1994, making this year the franchise's 20th anniversary. To mark the occasion, the company has re-released a copy of The King of Fighters 2012-A into the Play Store for free. For now, it sits alongside the paid version, released over a year ago, which still goes for $2.99.

This is an identical copy of the previous release, with both versions sporting the same screenshots on their Google Play pages and a matching file size of 1.1GB. The description, too, is largely copied and pasted. This 2D brawler offers you the matching roster of 34 characters, three-on-three team battles, an endless mode, and various other battle types.

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SNK Makes The Rhythm Of Fighters Free To Play, But Those Who Bought The Game Get A Bonus

The Rhythm Of Fighters is a quirky take on SNK's storied history of 2D brawlers... that plays like a swiping, tapping musical game. This unique title has met the same fate of other games by big publishers who apparently wanted more bang for their buck, and shifted from a paid game to free-to-play. (See Assassin's Creed Pirates and Asphalt 8 for other examples.) But if you spent the measly dollar that the game cost when it launched, don't fret: SNK is here to placate you with free stuff.

2014-09-10 00.45.53

Specifically, you'll get five free track packs to play whack-a-mole to: King of Fighters Selection Volume 2, the Real Bout pack, the Recommend pack, and the custom mix Rhythm of Fighters pack.

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Deal Alert: All Of SNK Playmore's Paid Android Games Are Currently On Sale For 99 Cents Each

Listen up if you're particularly fond of classic 2D platformers, old-school fighters, or general nostalgia. SNK Playmore is currently offering all of its paid games for just 99 cents apiece. For one title, The Rhythm of Fighters, this is the usual price. For the nine other releases available, this is a discount of roughly 75%, as they usually go for around $3.99.  That means you could go through the list and get the full collection for the same amount three games would usually cost.

Screenshot 2014-08-21 at 1.07.00 PM

Even if you were a big gamer in the 90s, there's no shame in admitting if you missed out on a couple of these experiences.

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[New Game] SNK Playmore Brings The King Of Fighters '98 Classic 2D Hit To Android For $3.99

The King of Fighters '98 was a special release from the very beginning. As the fifth game in SNK's popular fighting game series, it attracted players by bringing back brawlers who were killed off in previous versions. Future releases would return to the storyline, but '98 did not care and lacked a plot of its own. The game was all about the fighting, and now it's available for Android.


'98 is the fourth King of Fighters game SNK has brought to the platform, following last month's quirky fighting-rhythm hybrid. This port contains numerous game modes and includes the ability for two players to compete on a single device using two Bluetooth controllers.

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