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Qualcomm accidentally reveals the Asus ZenFone AR, the newest Tango phone

This is definitely an "Oops" moment for Qualcomm. The chipset manufacturer accidentally leaked/revealed the newest Asus device ahead of the CES announcement. While new devices are sometimes worth getting excited about, this one is actually special: the ZenFone AR, as it is named, will be the second phone with Tango built in. Qualcomm noted in its now removed blog post that the ZenFone AR will use the Snapdragon 821 SoC and that the new phone would also be Daydream-ready. Of course, this would be the first device to run both of Google's augmented and virtual reality platforms. 

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OnePlus makes the long-rumored OnePlus 3T official with a Snapdragon 821, larger battery, and a higher starting price

OnePlus is all about having the latest and greatest internals without paying a full flagship price. The OnePlus 3 came out a few months ago with a Snapdragon 820, but now there's a Snapdragon 821 in some phones like the Pixel. That just won't do, so OnePlus is releasing a whole new variant of the phone called the OnePlus 3T.

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OnePlus rumored to be working on upgraded OnePlus 3T that will cost an extra $80

The OnePlus 3 was a marked improvement over the company's "2016 Flagship killer" OnePlus 2. OnePlus is focused on the spec sheet, with the OP3 packing a Snapdragon 820 and 6GB of RAM. The company is now rumored to be working on a faster version of the device called the OnePlus 3T. According to @evleaks, it'll cost around $80 more.

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Xiaomi announces Mi5s and Mi5s Plus with Snapdragon 821 and more new features

The Xiaomi Mi5 was only released a couple of months ago, but the Chinese company is already refreshing it with some improved specifications. In addition, Xiaomi has announced a larger version of the Mi5s, the aptly-named Mi5s Plus. (Does this naming scheme remind you of a certain fruit company's?) Both handsets sport excellent internals and great price tags.

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[Update: gone] ASUS's ZenFone 3 Deluxe and Laser are now purchasable on Amazon in the US, but won't ship for a few weeks

We first heard about the newest additions to the ZenFone lineup back in late May, but ASUS didn't elaborate on availability for the United States. The ASUS ZenFone 3 Deluxe and ZenFone 3 Laser are now available to buy on Amazon for $530.48 and $206.95, respectively. However, they still won't ship for at least two weeks (if Amazon's information is correct).

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Qualcomm releases details for the Snapdragon 821, the processor likely to power the upcoming Sailfish and Marlin phones

Qualcomm's latest generation Snapdragon 821 chipset was announced back in July, but details have remained scarce until now. Today, Qualcomm has shared a lot more information on what we believe will likely be the processor that powers the next generation of Google's flagship phones.

In addition to having CPU speeds of up to 2.4 GHz, we now know that the GPU on the Snapdragon 821 is an Adreno 530 running at 653 MHz, representing a 5% bump over the same chip on the Snapdragon 820. Qualcomm has also revealed that the new 64-bit processor will allow for 10% shorter boot and app launch times and a 5% lower power consumption when compared to the 820.

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ASUS says there's a Snapdragon 821 variant of the ZenFone 3 Deluxe on the way

Asus already has three different versions of the ZenFone 3 planned in fast food-style denominations: vanilla, Deluxe, and Ultra. The Deluxe is the highest-specced version ("Ultra" is about a bigger screen, not better specs), as it's equipped with the latest and greatest Snapdragon 820 processor. Of course that's no longer the latest and greatest: Qualcomm announced the even faster Snapdragon 821 just yesterday. Not to be outdone, a new version of the ZF3 Deluxe has been announced via a Taiwanese press release.

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Qualcomm makes Snapdragon 821 official, claims up to 10% speed improvement over 820

Qualcomm was looking to put the disastrous Snapdragon 810 in the rear view mirror when it began shipping the Snapdragon 820 a while back. Now, it's putting more distance between itself and ARM's reference cores with the Snapdragon 821. This is the second chip with Qualcomm's custom 64-bit CPU cores, and it's apparently as much as 10% faster than the 820.

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