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Huawei's Mid-Range GX8 Coming To The US In Q1 2016 For $349.99

Huawei announced the GX8 back in September, and the device has thus far launched in a few European countries. Now, this phone is coming to America. Huawei expects to launch the GX8 here in the next few months. The pricing is currently set at $349.99.

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Editorial: Snapdragon Sorrows - Has Qualcomm Begun A Long, Slow Fall From The Top?

Back in late July, the Qualcomm Corporation - employer of over 30,000 individuals at the time - began the process of telling about 15% of those people (eg, over 4,000 gainfully-employed human beings) they were no longer needed. This was after already cutting another 1500 jobs in late 2014.

The company's stock is currently trading near 2-year lows, and while obviously still a very robust company, Qualcomm can't keep putting in these kinds of numbers if it's going to maintain its position at the tippy-top of the smartphone chipset market.


Qualcomm (QCOM - NASDAQ) stock is down over 10% year-to-date. It is down over 20% from its peak, reached in early 2014.

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Lenovo Announces A Pair Of New Android Smartphones, An E-Ink Smartwatch, And A Selfie Flash For Some Reason

Lenovo might own Motorola now, but the company is still doing its own thing when it comes to mobile devices. There are a pair of new Android phones today, as well as a wearable and a completely self-indulgent accessory—a selfie flash. Your life is complete now, right?


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HTC Desire 820 Hands-On: Big Numbers, Small Price Tag

The HTC Desire 820 is all about appealing to specification geeks, there really isn't any point in hiding it. Android's first 64-bit, octa-core chipset (Snapdragon 615), a 13MP camera, an 8MP selfie camera, and a big 5.5" screen. This is a phone for the hardware geek on a budget, and budget it is: the 820 will retail in Europe for just 329 Euros.


We had the opportunity to sit down with the 820 at IFA, and while the numbers are big, the phone still feels well-within its price bracket. The plastic, shiny casing of the 820 definitely doesn't evoke much "premium" sentiment, if anything it's a bit cheap to the touch, reminding me that this is, indeed, a phone built to a price.

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[IFA 2014] HTC Announces The Colorful Mid-Range Desire 820 With A 64-Bit Snapdragon 615 Processor

If HTC's various members of the One family seem a little cold and lifeless to you, you'll appreciate the new Desire 820. This decidedly mid-range device uses a variety of color schemes on its polycarbonate shell, adding a bit of style to the company's standard unibody dual-speaker layout. The result is a look that blends the HTC One M8 and, oddly, the iPhone 5c. Check out those two-tone accents on some models.

HTC Desire 820_Tangerine White (1)

Inside the Desire 820, you'll find the first application of the Snapdragon 615, Qualcomm's middle-of-the-road 64-bit processor. HTC isn't saying what the clock speed is, but the standard implementation is an octa-core 1.8Ghz chip paired to an Adreno 405 GPU.

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[MWC 2014] Qualcomm Announces New 64-Bit ARM Chips – The Quad-Core Snapdragon 610 And Octa-Core Snapdragon 615

File this under more is better – Qualcomm has just announced new ARM chips with more bits and more cores than ever before. The Snapdragon 610 and 615 are the chip maker's new 64-bit mobile processors, and the 615 packs eight CPU cores. Despite the big headlining features, these aren't intended to be flagship chips.


Qualcomm is in the habit of making custom CPUs for its ARM chips – those are the Krait cores you hear so much about. The company has used ARM's Cortex reference designs in a few chips previously, like the Snapdragon 400. These new chips are the same story.

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