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Snapchat For Android Gets Significant UI Update, Overhauls Stories, Discover, Adds Navigation Bar

Snapchat is often bemoaned as one of the worst of the major social apps for Android, but a new update today at least makes a few modernizing UI changes in areas that looked, well, kind of bad. The state of the Snapchat pre-update you can see below, in the three areas where major changes have occurred: the navigation bar, stories, and discover.

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Snapchat Android App Update Introduces One-Handed Zooming

There comes a moment when you're making a recording where you wish you could zoom in. Well, you can, and now Snapchat has made that something that only requires one hand.

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Snapchat 9.27 Weaves Together Text, Photos, Audio, Video, And GIFs For Chat 2.0

Snapchat isn't merely an app you open up to take photos that will probably get you in trouble someday. It's also a place to have conversations that you will ultimately regret. But at least with version 9.27, you're likely to enjoy that conversation more than you would before.

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Snapchat 9.15 Lets You Buy Additional Replays, Apply Snazzy New Animated Lenses To Your Selfies, And More

Each instant messaging platform of sorts offers its own appeal. Snapchat's appears to be the ability to share moments of spontaneity that won't linger around for the rest of your life. Pictures and clips disappear after they're viewed. Unless, that is, you Replay them. This is a feature that has been around for a couple of years now, but users have been limited to one per day.

Now Snapchat is providing the option to replay things more often. However, this feature doesn't come free. Snapchatters have to buy Replays, starting at a three for 99 cents. Even then, each Snap is only eligible for one Replay.

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Snapchat 9.14 Offers A Travel Mode That Uses Less Data, New Emoji Button, And More

Snapchat's developers have pushed out another update to the Android app, version 9.14. Like before, users get to satisfy their thirst with a trickle of new features.

One tucked away change is the ability to see who has viewed your Story by tapping on the eyeball in the corner. We also see an addition aimed specifically at users with limited or slower data connections. There's now the option to dive into Settings and enable Travel Mode, which reduces mobile data usage.

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Snapchat 9.9 Lets You Protect Your Account With Two-Factor Login Verification

Another version of Snapchat has arrived, and if you blink, you might miss what's new (though you could always take a screenshot). This release makes an addition to protect your account. Snapchatters can now find the option to enable login verification and require an SMS code when signing in.

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Snapchat 9.7 Lets You Easily Share Snaps From Discover And Zoom Into Videos

Snapchat 9.7 is here, and it packs two new features. They don't fundamentally change the app. In fact, if you blink you might miss them.

The first item on the changelog deals with snaps highlighted in Discover. If you recall, this is the part of the app that shows content from the likes of CNN and National Geographic. You can now tap and hold on the center to share a clip with friends. Snapchat lets you add a caption, doodles, and filters before sending it off.

Snapchat1 Snapchat2 Snapchat3

The second addition is the ability to zoom into video while you're recording.

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Snapchat Is Apparently Burning Through Background Data Following Latest Major Update

Snapchat is no stranger to controversy, but this latest issue isn't the headline you would normally expect. Users have taken to the web to complain about the app burning through background data. Complaints have surfaced on reddit, along with screenshots. The griping can be found on more than one thread.


Screenshot posted to reddit by rabbit00010.

In the screenshot above, you can see Snapchat having used over 40MB in the foreground (while the app was open) and a little more than 250MB in the background.

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Snapchat Introduces New 'Snapcash' Money Transfer Service With A Bizarre 2-Minute Song And Dance Number

The next time you're sending lurid photos to people on Snapchat, why not make things interesting by putting some money on it? No, wait. I'm sure that'll never happen. Snapchat's new Snapcash service was designed with help from Square to make sending money as easy as sharing photos. Unsure? Just watch this super-weird 2-minute song and dance explainer.

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[New App] Facebook Launches Its Own Snapchat Clone Called Slingshot [Update: It's Live]

There was once a time when sending a risqué picture meant coping with the possibility that it would be out there forever, then Snapchat happened along to delete those pics automatically (this does not constitute a guarantee). Now Facebook is looking to get in on the sexting* game with its own take on Snapchat called Slingshot.

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