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The Facebook app continues to grow in size with a new effects-laden camera and Stories

In continuing its crusade to bring Snapchat-like features to its repertoire of applications, Facebook has taken to its blog to announce some new features in the main app itself. Users will be able to use and share a variety of camera effects, 24-hour Stories, or send photos to specific friends with Direct.

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Snapchat passes 500 million installs on Android


Snap stock price shoots up almost 50% on opening day

Snap Inc., the parent company of Snapchat, is now a public company. You can buy a tiny piece of the sexting messaging platform, but it'll cost you. Snapchat shares (SNAP on NYSE) were offered at $17 initially, but they quickly shot up to more than $25. That's a 47% increase in one day.

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Snap Inc's Spectacles are now available online for $129.99

Snap Inc., the company that owns Snapchat, unveiled the 'Spectacles' last year. The glasses, with a distinct toy-like design, can record 10-second clips that can be uploaded to Snapchat. Now you can actually order them online, instead of hunting down a kiosk or buying one second-hand from eBay.

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Snap recognizes it should focus on Snapchat Android app development to keep its users and growth

Snap Inc., the official name of the company behind Snapchat, filed for IPO (Initial Public Offering) yesterday and is planning to be a publicly traded company in March. In its official filing to the Securities and Exchange Commission, Snap shed a lot of light on its goal as a company and how it operates, and among the pages and pages of financial details and jargon that I don't understand, it mentioned Snapchat's risk factors and potential growth hurdles, both of which do have a few instances of "Android" in them.

The main takeaway from the sections talking about Android is that Snap is cognizant of its app's poor performance on our beloved OS.

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Snapchat 10 arrives with redesigned interface and updated search [APK Download]

Earlier this month, Snapchat began to test a redesigned user interface. The test featured an updated interface with brighter colors and an enhanced search, and has now left beta with the release of Snapchat 10.

As you can see in the screenshots below, Snapchat 10 has a more unified visual appearance across the whole app. Both the chat and story screens have filled-in title bars, and the duplicated search buttons on both have been re-located to the Camera screen. Tapping that search button now brings up a list of commonly-contacted friends and groups for quick access, but otherwise works exactly as before.

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Snapchat 10 beta redesigns the interface with more accessible search and less focus on Discover

Snapchat is readying an update for its Android and iOS versions that brings a new interface with plenty of usability improvements and a few added features. The update is now rolling out to beta testers on Android so you can give it a go before it goes live for everyone — and thus feel cooler than the cool kids, I guess. Just don't use the word "thus" when you tell them that.

The new interface is more colorful with a blue title bar for chats and a purple one for stories. The Stories section also loses the Discover strip from the top. It now goes on the bottom instead, letting you focus first on the recent story updates from your friends.

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Snapchat 9.45 adds group chats, new filters on Memories, and Shazam integration for some reason

If you're still putting up with the unoptimized mess that is the Android Snapchat application (unless you have a very speedy phone), you might be excited to hear that the 9.45 update is now available. No, it doesn't make using the app any less painful, but there are some new features to enjoy.

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Facebook has yet another Snapchat competitor, Flash, for emerging markets

The best way to show you're worried about a competitor is to copy their product and attempt to do it better than the original. Facebook is obviously worried about Snapchat, because it's created not one, not two, but three Snapchat clones over the past few years. Now it's got another one, Flash, aimed at emerging markets.

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Snapchat 9.43 adds augmented-reality World Lenses, sending snaps to other users, and more [APK Download]

Are you one of the hip kids that use Snapchat? Then you're in luck, because today Snapchat has brought a few changes to their application on Android and iOS. The most notable new feature is 'World Lenses,' which applies various augmented-reality effects to your back camera's view of the world. This is similar in functionality to the existing lenses, but is not limited to images of faces.

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