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Snap's Bitmoji Deluxe adds hundreds of new customization options

The announcement late last year that Snap intended to completely rebuild the Snapchat app has been welcomed by frustrated users. A fresh design followed, and since then we've also heard that Stories will soon be available on the web. The latest crumb of news to come out of Snap Inc. brings word that there's a new update for its other popular app, Bitmoji, offering tons of new styles.

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You'll soon be able to see Snapchat Stories on the web

It will soon be possible to share your Snapchat Stories on the web, Snap has announced today. The initiative, which would reportedly be called Stories Everywhere, was first leaked last month by Cheddar and will allow users to generate a shareable link to a story which can then be viewed on a web browser. According to information Snapchat shared with Android Police, the feature will initially be rolling out to Snapchatters who are currently on the redesigned Snapchat app, which includes users in countries like Australia and Canada.

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Snap's leaked memo threatens employees with jail time for leaking information

Snap Inc. really can't catch a break. After news broke earlier this week that it was laying off two dozens of its employees, a leaked memo has surfaced that doesn't exactly paint the company in a favorable light. And as if yet another leak wasn't bad enough, here's the real kicker: the leaked memo was actually about preventing leaks.

In it, Snap goes on to assert that it has a zero-tolerance policy on information leaks, and that any employee caught leaking information will lose their job and even potentially face fines or jail time. Of course, leaking company information per se isn't strictly a crime, though insider trading certainly is, and any employees involved could certainly end up behind bars.

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Snap reportedly laid off two dozen people, mostly on its content team

According to a report from The Information, Snap (of Snapchat fame) has recently laid off about two dozen people, most of which were in the content team. These firings seem to fit in line with the company's financial difficulties and overall attempts at consolidation, as well as the recent setbacks for the platform's original content. 

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Snapchat updates design with increased focus on friends

The Snapchat app has always been a horrendous lag-fest on Android. Users have been asking the company for years to improve the experience, but only when its earnings began to plummet did Snap Inc finally decide to fix it. Today, the company announced an updated design for Snapchat, but this isn't the all-new Android app we've have been waiting for.

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Snapchat is rebuilding its Android app from the ground up, and it's about time

Anyone who's used Snapchat's Android app in recent years will be well aware that it's turned into a laggy, buggy mess. My friends and I used to use it regularly to send silly videos to each other, but we've all turned our backs on it by now. For those of you still muddling along with it, you'll be pleased to know that a complete rebuild is in the works. It's unlikely to make me rush back, but it's good to hear that the devs aren't completely oblivious to the issues.

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Snapchat for Android now lets you send 60-second 'multi-snap' videos

For anyone who still uses Snapchat, recording and sharing video clips is probably a large part of the experience. Before now, it's only been possible to record videos of up to 10 seconds in length, as this kind of ties in with Snapchat's whole brevity thing. As the app struggles for relevance and searches for new ways to engage with its users, it's decided to allow longer videos.

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Snap Inc. may be sitting on hundreds of thousands of unsold Spectacles

Snap, the company behind Snapchat, has managed to turn its simple photo sharing and messaging platform into a genuine cultural phenomenon. However, it may have gotten a bit carried away with a quirky piece of hardware announced late last year. Snapchat Spectacles let you take Snapchat pics and video without touching your phone. There was early hype, but the company allegedly mistook a fad for continuing interest.

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Snapchat is introducing 'Context Cards' in an attempt to become more useful

In the increasingly capricious social media industry, Snapchat is something of a veteran these days. As it struggles to stay relevant in the lives of young smartphones users around the world, it continues to throw various new features at the wall in the hope that some will stick. The latest lightbulb moment from the company comes in the form of 'Context Cards,' which offer you additional information about where the snap you're viewing was taken.

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Snapchat update adds support for voice filters, links, and more

Snapchat is a thing the millennials are into these days, and it's not just for sexting anymore. At least that's what I hear. A new update to Snapchat adds several features, one of which seems rather rudimentary: you can have links in your Snaps now. Previously, this was only available to brands and ad campaigns. Not enough? You can also make your voice sound weird. You millennials are into that, right?

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