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Snapchat's long-awaited redesign is smoother, can be enabled right now with root

Back in November of last year, Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel announced that a new Android app was being built from the ground up. It's been almost a year since then, but we're finally seeing some movement. In fact, the new Snapchat Alpha can actually be enabled right now, so long as your device has root access.

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Snapchat lost three million users in Q2 2018

Snap Inc hasn't been doing great, to say the least. The company's results for the first quarter of 2018 were below expectations, and now the Q2 earnings report has been released. During the period from April 1 to June 30, Snap Inc received $262 million in revenue, with a net loss of $353 million.

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Snapchat is getting new lenses that recognize and react to speech

Technology always trickles down to less and less important uses over time. Case in point: speech recognition. It was, at one time, futuristic and incredible that computers could understand us, but now it's just kind of a given. In keeping with its trajectory of increasing mundanity, speech recognition has made its way to perhaps the most frivolous use case of all: Snapchat lenses. (They're actually pretty neat, though.)

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Snapchat's payment feature is shutting down August 30

Snapchat introduced 'Snapcash' in 2014, as a way for users to send each other money. The feature wasn't a great idea from the start, especially when combined with Snapchat's popularity for sharing explicit photos. Now it appears Snapchat is dropping Snapcash entirely.

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Snapchat app may soon include games because why not

Snapchat still maintains a large user base, but Instagram cloning many of its features has hurt the platform's popularity a bit (the expensive glasses and poor Android app haven't helped, either). Snap Inc has experimented with interactive content, like with the addition of AR selfie games in April. According to The Information, full-on games could be coming to the mobile apps soon.

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Snapchat Spectacles get non-circular video export

Since their release, Spectacles, Snapchat's funky, video recording sunglasses, could only export circular video. Presumably, this was to differentiate video recorded on Spectacles from other sources, to raise awareness of the product. While unique, circular video isn't particularly practical. Snap seems aware of this, as a recent update has enabled Spectacle to export video in more traditional aspect ratios.

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Snapchat's second-generation Spectacles will be available on Amazon starting today

The second generation of Snap Spectacles, Snap Inc's video-recording eyewear, will be available for purchase on Amazon beginning today. The glasses, which capture unique, circular video clips, will go on sale on Amazon today starting in the US, Canada, and the UK, with more European territories to follow "soon."

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Snapchat releases second-gen Spectacles with new features and a higher price tag

The original Snapchar Spectacles were something of a fad when you could only get them from a handful of vending machines. However, the hype died down when they became generally available. Snap ended up losing money on unsold hardware, but it hasn't given up on Spectacles. The second-gen specs are now available. They cost a bit more, but they include several new features.

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Snapchat introduces 'Snappables' AR selfie games

Snapchat will soon be gaining a set of augmented reality games called Snappables, Snap announced today. Snappables, which should roll out to Snapchatters later this week, are a new form of interactive Lenses through which users can play together (or by themselves) using AR. Some games can be controlled via more traditional methods like touch, but others can be played using motion and even facial expressions.

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