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Snapchat Spectacles get non-circular video export

Since their release, Spectacles, Snapchat's funky, video recording sunglasses, could only export circular video. Presumably, this was to differentiate video recorded on Spectacles from other sources, to raise awareness of the product. While unique, circular video isn't particularly practical. Snap seems aware of this, as a recent update has enabled Spectacle to export video in more traditional aspect ratios.

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Snapchat's second-generation Spectacles will be available on Amazon starting today

The second generation of Snap Spectacles, Snap Inc's video-recording eyewear, will be available for purchase on Amazon beginning today. The glasses, which capture unique, circular video clips, will go on sale on Amazon today starting in the US, Canada, and the UK, with more European territories to follow "soon."

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Snapchat releases second-gen Spectacles with new features and a higher price tag

The original Snapchar Spectacles were something of a fad when you could only get them from a handful of vending machines. However, the hype died down when they became generally available. Snap ended up losing money on unsold hardware, but it hasn't given up on Spectacles. The second-gen specs are now available. They cost a bit more, but they include several new features.

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Snap Inc. is doubling down on its losses, looks to ship two new versions of Spectacles in 2018 and 2019

Oh, Snap. Read that in a voice filled with pity and bewilderment to get the tone here, because the company behind Snapchat is apparently pushing more of its chips into the financial black hole that is its Spectacles. Yes, Snap Inc. is on tilt and has plans for not one, but two new pairs of its eyewear despite lukewarm interest for the first version of the product.

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Snap Inc. may be sitting on hundreds of thousands of unsold Spectacles

Snap, the company behind Snapchat, has managed to turn its simple photo sharing and messaging platform into a genuine cultural phenomenon. However, it may have gotten a bit carried away with a quirky piece of hardware announced late last year. Snapchat Spectacles let you take Snapchat pics and video without touching your phone. There was early hype, but the company allegedly mistook a fad for continuing interest.

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