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[Update: Out of beta] Snapchat 10.4 beta lets you add friends to the home screen, if they have a Bitmoji

Some messaging applications allow you to add shortcuts for contacts to the home screen, and now Snapchat has added a variation of that feature. Snapchat 10.4 beta allows users to create home screen widgets for their friends, but only if they have a Bitmoji.

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Snapchat Launches Android Beta Program Using Play Store Testing Mechanism, Here's How To Join

Snapchat is now the latest prominent app to start using the Play Store beta testing mechanism to get new features in front of users sooner, something we've also seen from Facebook. If you haven't already heard of Snapchat, think of it as a service that could have saved Anthony Weiner a great deal of headache. Users use it to send photos, videos, and text messages that automatically delete from the recipient's device and the server after a set amount of time. New features that can currently be found in the beta include Swype keyboard support and a new size-sensitive drawing canvas.

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