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Snap Inc. is doubling down on its losses, looks to ship two new versions of Spectacles in 2018 and 2019

Oh, Snap. Read that in a voice filled with pity and bewilderment to get the tone here, because the company behind Snapchat is apparently pushing more of its chips into the financial black hole that is its Spectacles. Yes, Snap Inc. is on tilt and has plans for not one, but two new pairs of its eyewear despite lukewarm interest for the first version of the product.

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[Update: Create your own lenses from within the app] Snapchat's Lens Studio will let anyone make and publish Augmented Reality 'Lenses'

Snapchat is an inexplicably popular service, but you know what it's missing? There just aren't enough augmented reality filters (known as Lenses) for your snaps, right? True or not, Snap has announced a new tool called Lens Studio that will let anyone create augmented reality objects and publish them for other Snapchat users.

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Snap's Bitmoji Deluxe adds hundreds of new customization options

The announcement late last year that Snap intended to completely rebuild the Snapchat app has been welcomed by frustrated users. A fresh design followed, and since then we've also heard that Stories will soon be available on the web. The latest crumb of news to come out of Snap Inc. brings word that there's a new update for its other popular app, Bitmoji, offering tons of new styles.

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Snap's leaked memo threatens employees with jail time for leaking information

Snap Inc. really can't catch a break. After news broke earlier this week that it was laying off two dozens of its employees, a leaked memo has surfaced that doesn't exactly paint the company in a favorable light. And as if yet another leak wasn't bad enough, here's the real kicker: the leaked memo was actually about preventing leaks.

In it, Snap goes on to assert that it has a zero-tolerance policy on information leaks, and that any employee caught leaking information will lose their job and even potentially face fines or jail time. Of course, leaking company information per se isn't strictly a crime, though insider trading certainly is, and any employees involved could certainly end up behind bars.

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Snap reportedly laid off two dozen people, mostly on its content team

According to a report from The Information, Snap (of Snapchat fame) has recently laid off about two dozen people, most of which were in the content team. These firings seem to fit in line with the company's financial difficulties and overall attempts at consolidation, as well as the recent setbacks for the platform's original content. 

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Snapchat is rebuilding its Android app from the ground up, and it's about time

Anyone who's used Snapchat's Android app in recent years will be well aware that it's turned into a laggy, buggy mess. My friends and I used to use it regularly to send silly videos to each other, but we've all turned our backs on it by now. For those of you still muddling along with it, you'll be pleased to know that a complete rebuild is in the works. It's unlikely to make me rush back, but it's good to hear that the devs aren't completely oblivious to the issues.

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Snapchat for Android now lets you send 60-second 'multi-snap' videos

For anyone who still uses Snapchat, recording and sharing video clips is probably a large part of the experience. Before now, it's only been possible to record videos of up to 10 seconds in length, as this kind of ties in with Snapchat's whole brevity thing. As the app struggles for relevance and searches for new ways to engage with its users, it's decided to allow longer videos.

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Snap Inc's 'Spectacles' can now be purchased from Amazon for $129.99

Back in September of last year, Snapchat renamed itself to 'Snap Inc' and released the 'Spectacles.' These camera-equipped sunglasses were designed to record video for use with Snapchat. Initially they were only available from a series of pop-up shops, then they became available from Snap's website in February.

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Snapchat introduces the Snap Map, a location sharing heat map [APK Download]

If you suffer much from FOMO (Fear of missing out, as the kids say), then Snapchat's latest feature will ease your anxieties. The popular image messaging app now has something called the "Snap Map," a heat map overview of where your friends are. So the next time you want to know where all your friends are, a quick glance will let you know. 

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Snapchat says it spent $2.3 billion last quarter to pull in just $149 million in revenue

Messaging apps are a hot business lately, and Snapchat is one of the hottest. I mean, all the kids are using it, and kids are never wrong about anything. Snap (the parent company of Snapchat) just announced its earnings for Q1 of 2017, but it didn't really earn anything. In fact, it lost a stupendous amount of money, about $2.2 billion.

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