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Intel And Fossil Briefly Show Off A New Android Wear Watch With A Round (Flat Tire) Screen

Fossil has been talking about getting into wearable technology for some time, and now it is finally giving us a peek at what it's been working on with Intel. At Intel Developer Forum (IDF) today, Fossil had three Intel-powered wearable devices on hand, one of which was an Android Wear smartwatch. It looks like the offspring of a union between a Watch Urbane and a Moto 360.


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New Gear SDK Includes Details About Samsung's Upcoming Round Smartwatch

Samsung was early to the recent smartwatch craze, but its products haven't exactly sold like gangbusters. While Samsung has made an Android Wear watch, it seems more interested in moving forward with its Tizen-based Gear platform, and the new Gear SDK offers a lot of detail about that next device. It'll be round, but that's not the only thing we know.


The watch will have a 1.18-inch round display with a resolution of 360x360.

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28 Best Android Wear Apps And Watch Faces From 3/10/15—4/21/15

You can't do as much with a smartwatch as you can with a phone, but these little wrist computers are surprisingly capable. You just need the right apps. Well, and watch faces too. Google highlights a few Wear apps from time to time, but we're always watching in order to spot the best things for your watch, and here they are.

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Field Trip App Updated With Android Wear Support

Field Trip is that other project from Google's Niantic Labs. Sure, Ingress gets all the attention, but Field Trip is pretty cool too. This app presents cards with information on nearby places of interest as you go about your day, and now it's even more convenient for Android Wear users—place cards will simply show up on your wrist. Neat.

2015-04-16 10.26.33

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Google Allegedly Close To Releasing Android Wear iOS Compatibility

According to a source who spoke to The Verge, Google is almost ready to add iOS support to Android Wear. If the timing is a coincidence, it's a very happy one for Google. Apple is getting ready to start selling the Apple Watch to compete against Android Wear. Of course, Apple could always try to block the Wear app.


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Asus ZenWatch Now Available From Google In France, Germany, Japan, And The United Kingdom


Google Launches The Google Store, A New Online Home For All Of Its Hardware Products

Until now if you wanted a Nexus phone, Nest Thermostat, or some other device sold by Google, you'd go to the Play Store device section. Well, not anymore. Google has just launched the Google Store, a hub for all things Google with listings for phones, tablets, smartwatches, Chromebooks, and more. Basically, hardware is in the Google Store, and software is in Google Play.

2015-03-11 12_44_02-Google Store - Nexus, Chromecast and more

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[Deal Alert] $50 Off Sony SmartWatch 3 Via Verizon Wireless, A 20% Discount, Plus Free Shipping

As some may wait for the impending release of the metal version, Sony's SmartWatch 3 can be had for a pretty nice deal at Verizon. At a discounted $199, you'll save $50 or 20%, whichever sounds like a bigger deal to you. Even better is that this offer comes with free shipping, which is great no matter how you slice it.

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31 Best Android Wear Apps And Watch Faces From 12/29/14—1/29/15

Is it the age of the smartwatch yet? I don't know, but developers are sure acting like it is. You can hardly turn around without seeing another new watch face or utility for Android Wear. Google still hasn't made it particularly easy to find new Wear apps, but we're keeping track of all the best new stuff, and here it is.

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MediaTek Announces New ARM Chip Designed Specifically For Use In Android Wear Watches

You most often see MediaTek chips in budget smartphones and tablets, but they could soon be showing up in another place—your watch. The company has announced the MT2601, an ARM system-on-a-chip designed with Android Wear in mind. This isn't one of those "later this year" things either. The MT2601 is already in mass production and ready to go.


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