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Comparison: All of the Android Wear devices announced or released in 2017 so far

Android Wear started off, as many Google products do, as something closer to a proof-of-concept than a finished product. The first watches had problems, the software was unfinished, and tech companies were the only ones producing them. Now that Android Wear is becoming a more mature platform, mostly thanks to the long-awaited 2.0 update, we're starting to see more watches than ever hit the market.

It was fairly easy to compare Android Wear watches in years past - only a handful of tech companies even bothered. But now, a vast amount of wearables are being released, with most of them by actual watch companies.

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Verizon releases more details on its exclusive Wear24 smartwatch, launching May 11

Verizon announced its very own Android Wear device a few months ago, but it didn't have specs or an exact release date. The previous "next month" release window came and went (that would have been March), but now we've got more specifics. The device launches in 24 days (because Wear24), and there are a couple items on the spec sheet.

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Tommy Hilfiger 'TH24/7You' wins the award for worst name for an upcoming Wear device

Who would have thought Baselworld 2017 would be such a hotbed of smartwatch news? This appears to be the year traditional fashion brands hop on the Android Wear bandwagon in a big way. The latest addition is Tommy Hilfiger and the TH24/7You. Yes, that's really the name, and yes, it's terrible.

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Watchmaker Movado announces the Connect, coming this fall for $495

The minimalist American watchmaker Movado announced a few weeks ago it was going to release an Android Wear watch, but it neglected to offer up any pictures of the device. Now it's officially unveiled. The Movado Connect looks exactly how you'd expect a smartwatch from Movado to look.

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Samsung shows off some wacky new concept versions of the Gear S3 at watch conference

The Gear S3 is Samsung's latest Tizen-based smartwatch, which comes in two variants. The Frontier is more "rugged" and has LTE, and the Classic has a slightly sleeker frame and no LTE. The Gear S3 family has grown today, at least in theory. Samsung is on hand at Baselworld, a watch conference in Basel, Switzerland. It's showing off three new concept versions of the Gear S3, one of which is literally a pocket watch.

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Michael Kors announces the new members of the Access line, Grayson and Sofie, both will start at $350

In continuing with the cavalcade of smartwatch announcements, Michael Kors has unveiled two new Android Wear offerings in its Access line. Both the Grayson and Sofie are the next step in the luxury brand's attempts at blending design, personal style, and technology.

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Huawei Watch 2 review: Why?

In the world of technology, it's rare that a successor product is actually worse than the one that preceded it.

Today is a rare day.

The Huawei Watch 2 is a step backward - multiple steps, even - from the original, even if it does claw back some of that lost ground with new features. The Huawei Watch 2 adds NFC, GPS, LTE, and Android Wear 2.0 to its repertoire, which all sounds well and good. Alas, it all feels for naught when it comes down to the final product experience. What it takes away is almost everything that made the original the de facto champion of the Android Wear world.

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The new GUESS Connect smartwatches run Android Wear 2.0, will launch later this year

The time has come for another fashion company to get into Android Wear, and this time it's GUESS. The new watches are part of the Connect product line, but they're not the first smartwatches GUESS has sold. The last Connect was a mechanical watch with a dot-matrix ticker display. The new ones will be more what you expect from a smartwatch.

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Tag Heuer's new Android Wear watch is modular, still super-expensive

Android Wear devices mostly hover around $250-350, depending on the specs and features they offer. Tag Heuer has no use for "conventional" pricing. Its first watch, the Connected, was priced at $1,800. Now, the second one is a little more reasonable (but only a little). The Tag Heuer Connected Modular 45 starts at $1,650. You can spend over $6,000 on one if you want.

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LG Watch Style second take: This will not save Android Wear

Android Wear has been in a holding pattern since last year when Google announced that it was delaying the release of Wear 2.0. After months of re-working the software, Google unveiled Wear 2.0 alongside the LG Watch Style and Watch Sport. The smaller of the two was the one I had pinned my hopes on, and I'm sure many of you did too. However, the announcement showed we were off to a bad start with the lack of features like NFC and a very small battery.

We've already reviewed the Watch Style once, but I've been using the device for a while and have some thoughts on it as well.

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